Tuesday, May 29, 2012

About S.M. Blooding and Her Novel

Demons Are Jackasses
A Demon Talker Novel

SM Blooding
Available: May 1, 2012
Format: E-book and Paperback

St. Francisville used to be a quiet place. Until three bodies turn up dead with spells carved into their skin. Someone in Louisiana is ritualistically killing people to capture the attention of Detective Paige Ansley. Having earned her title through her knowledge of the occult, she’s the only witch detective that can get to the bottom of these serial murders.
Only, there’s one problem. Paige can’t seem to remember anything that happened during the past five years.

With the help of Dexx, a snarky yet incredibly sexy demon hunter, she begins to remember pieces of her past. After discovering she has the gift of communicating with both demons and angels, the murder investigation takes a much more personal turn. The killer is after a demon’s soul, and who better to get that for him than the demon talker? But after Paige is kidnapped, drugged, and cast upon, she finds herself on the short side of possessed. Even after the demon is exorcised, her gift of demon talking is compromised. Any demon who steps within a hundred foot radius is drawn into her, pushing her soul out.

Paige is determined to get to the bottom of this demonic case so she can return home. But the killer is still on the loose, and he’s short a demonic soul. In order for her to save herself, banish the murderer, and save Dexx, she must decide if she’s willing to give up the one thing that can hold everything together. And bring the quiet back to St. Francisville.

About the Author:

SM Blooding lives in Colorado with her pet rock, Rockie and Mr. Bird, who’s a real bird. She likes to hike the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and is learning to play the piano and guitar. Currently, she’s trying to MURDER them both.
She’s dated vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, weapons smugglers and US Government assassins. Yes. She has stories. She’s also an investigator with a local paranormal investigation group, Colorado Paranormal Rescue!

A gutteral roar filled the room as Dexx slammed the door shut.
He walked over to Paige.
Her lips curled. “You do not vant to get in my way, little man.”
Dexx raised his fist and slammed it into her face.
Her eyes shot open with surprise before her head slumped forward, her chest rising and falling in sleep.
Dexx sat down on the edge of the bed after he maneuvered her onto it, grabbing his flask of holy water out of his bag. He opened her hand and poured some into her palm.
Nothing happened.
He recapped his flask and grabbed a ball point pen. So the demon hadn’t gotten in. That was a plus, but with her gift, he wasn’t taking any chances. He pulled out his phone and hit the number two on his speed dial, taking Paige’s hand and setting in his lap.
 “Hey, Dexx.” Leslie said, her voice full of laughter. “No, Amanda. Please, I’m on the phone.” Dexx could hear the girl in the background, but couldn’t make out what she was saying. “Later,” Leslie said firmly. “Okay. Sorry about that. What’s up?”
“It’s a demon,” he said softly as he outlined a protection rune into Paige’s skin.
“What happened?” Leslie asked, giving him her full attention. “Is she okay?”
“For now,” he said, staring at Paige. “But I don’t know for how much longer.”
 “Okay. Where is she? What happened? Did she summon?”
“Then what happened?”
He started to fill in the outlines of the rune. “Les, who else knows about her gift?”
“No one outside of the family.”
“I know.”
“You’re family. Dexx, what’s—”
 “There was a trap spell.”
Silence. “It could have been for anyone.”
“This guy kills three people in the span of three weeks and then once she gets here, he does nothing?” He took in a deep breath. “And Leah’s involved somehow.”
“What? How?”
“She only said that he used Leah.”
“Is she starting to remember?”
“Damn it.” Dexx’s lips formed a firm line. “Les, why didn’t you take the memory blockers down years ago? Do you realize how open for attack she is right now?”
“Do not blame this on me. I did. Before she moved.” She took in a deep breath. “She wouldn’t deal with it, like before. I was afraid she’d do what she did last time. She was actually worse than before. All that anger and grief.”
“How would you feel to wake up and find out that your daughter was taken from you for no good reason, and that her own family had blocked her memories and her gift?”
“She was calling demons to kill people, Dexx,” Leslie said.
“To kill one person.”
“Yeah. My mother.”


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