Novels (WIP)

Tattle Tell
First Draft = 23,221 | Second Draft = 50,795 | Third Draft = 67,514
Ephram has been a snitch to the men in suits his whole life, but when he discovers his friend is a mutant he must decide between friendship and the consequences of life as a tattle tale.

Standing Ground - in edits (90k first draft)
All Noah wants is to be normal, but when his family and boyfriend are kidnapped he's forced to use his powers to save the ones he loves.

Defiance (Tattle Tell sequel)
10k so far/65k goal

Lighting the Wall 
33,535/70,000 first draft in progress

Ottohahn in E Minor
25k/ish nanowrimo 2011 (need to rewrite from scratch)

Aeon Fading
165k written NaNo 2012
Draft 1 = 170k+

A/D paranormal romance
Angels and demons don't get along, let alone date, but no one told Elijah and Lucas that.

Gathered at Dawn, Epic Fantasy - NaNoWriMo
A young elf leaves the safety of the woodlands in search for a lost city of elves only to become a part of a group banded to fight against a villain who's trying to take over the land.
51,500/120,000 guesstimated final goal (rewrite start first)