Sunday, January 30, 2011

Topic Suggestions

That's right. I'm putting up this post like it's a suggestion box. I want to hear from you!

What topics would you like to see discussed on this blog?

Any genres need more focus?

Character elements you'd like to know about?

Anything else?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reflections on being an Intern

It is not easy. To be a writer working towards publication with little practice in even submitting it's strange to be in this different role, one who has to evaluate submissions for potential publication or rejection.

Okay, I don't really get anyone coffee cause I do all my work online since I live in a different state than the publisher. But it's an iconic concept when it comes to the term of internship. And if anyone wants to really understand the other side of the slushpile, to be on the decision making side, I suggest doing an internship even if it's an unpaid one.

It is hard deciding whether a book should be accepted or rejected. Very hard. Granted, I don't have to sent the author the bad or good news, but it still feels weird being an aspiring writer and working on the other side.

Some stories have been good, some okay and one made me cringe. I've even gotten the chance to write edit notes on a potential book that may be published in the future. It has all been great learning experience for me because while it is difficult the other thing about being a publishing intern is that it has been an eye opening experience. I know what it's like to receive submissions (luckily, I don't get the ones that don't follow the submission rules) and to be a part of the big decision whether the publisher asked for more, considered offering deals, or a rejection was sent that would include some of my notes.

It's crazy, exciting, nerve-wracking, and a slew of other emotions.
And I will forever be grateful for this experience.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stylish Blog Award

Does it sound as cool as it might be? Well, it sounds cool to me. Something about the word "stylish" just really gives the whole blog award a glitter feel to it.  Thanks to the lovely, JD, I have this award to post on this blog and since I haven't done an award here in awhile, thought it was a nice thing to receive. Thanks JD! Check out her blog at

The Rules:
1: Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2: Share seven things about yourself.
3: Award ten recently discovered great bloggers.
4: Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Sounds fun. Okay, not really. I hate writing about myself, which is sort of odd since I'm a writer but oh well. I think I can handle sharing seven random things about myself.

1. Born and raised in a small town in wyoming, including taking first steps on a ranch living next to my great-grandparents house (who owned the ranch).
2. There are two places to find pictures of me, the real me (as in not a mouse or picture I made in 2D design) but I'm not going to tell what those two places are. ha ha
3. While I thought of careers growing up, I really wanted to be a stay at home mom, with an emphasis on the mom part. (no children yet, crossing fingers for in the next 5 years)
4. Love dairy but am allergic. Get an upset stomach and can get very itchy if I eat too much.
5. I have yet to write a third draft. Working on my first second draft right now.
6. We have 7 cats inside and at least 4 cats outside that we take care of, yes that's too many.
7. I like to exercise but never remember to do it.

And now to pass this award to more deserving blogs.

1. Loralie.
2. Ashy. ://
3. Tara.
4. J.C. Martin.
5. Anastasia (Harley).
6. Charity.
7. Kristie Cook.
8. Mia.
9. Tessa.
10. Mireyah.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New on Other Blogs

There are two new things going on but on my other blogs. Yep, I'm doing an update on this blog about fun things that aren't this blog, lol.

1. New book review blog has first post. It's just an introduction post but there is one review ready for posting and I have some books I need to write about soon. The blog template turned out pretty well and I even got pages set up. Even found a good reason for the title, which can be found in the section "about the blog". Enjoy!

I hope to do pages on this blog too in the near future now that I know how to do them. First I have to write one page on my other "me only" blog.

2. For fun I started a blog hop type of deal over at . It is for people who are obsessed with word counts and checking the word counts for anything they write. The blog hop is called WCOA (world count obsessor anonymous) and it has two options. Either write a post a week on word counts, giving in to counting words for the week since once a week is better than once a paragraph. Or the posts can come once a month. It's really a place to indulge in word count obsession, which shall be fun.

Don't worry, other writing topics will be coming soon.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog or Web Site

I have a blog. Oh, right, you know that. And it's more like 4 blogs because I'm cool (or nerdy) like that. But I don't have a Web site, yet. Why don't I have a web site? because I don't get along with technology. I don't know how to make my blog have pages, though someone just told me over email so I'm going to give it a try on my blogs soon. I actually might get a site soon but it's because a wonderful friend has offered to make one for me. But I thought this would be a good topic. What's the difference between having a blog and a web site and why have either one?


A blog has a few functions. For some, it is like a journal or diary but online. It comes from the combination of two words, Web and log. Basically it is a Web site (ooo, lookie) that consists of posts written in a chronological order (meaning they show in the order of date they are posted) written by someone or a computer (when technology takes over society). They can have many different formats and themes, depending on what the creator wants to have on their blog.

Why have a blog?
There are a few reasons to have a blog. Writers have blogs in part to get out some of the craziness in their heads for other people to read and the other is to build up readers for when and during books get published. It's a great way to get friends with others in the industry, as well. Other types of blog have their own reasons for existing but we'll stick with us writers for this. Writing blogs are awesome and there are so many different ones out there.

I love my blogs. I talk about writing in general, my own writing, write posts from characters' point of view and soon will be posting book reviews. It's great, though a little time consuming.

Web sites

A web site is simply a page on the internet that is used for a number of reasons. There are free web sites and pay for types, both with their advantages and disadvantages. Some of the blog web sites also allow for a person to buy their domain, which turns their blog into a personal web site. They can include blogs but also will have steady pages that show information like travel schedule for conferences, current works in progress, and often biographies.

Why have a web site?
Some of the reasons for a blog and web site are the same. They have give the writer/author person an online presence for others to find. It helps keep people updated on different novels, and when published will be of good use. There is often the ability to provide contact information for those that are willing to let fans know that information.

I don't have one yet but I might in the future.

What about you: Blog or Web site? Both?
Which do you prefer?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Potential Book Review Blog

This is something I've been thinking about for a few months now. While I don't do enough reading, or at least I didn't do enough during 2010 or a couple of years before it, I want to change that part of my life. I have a reading group that is getting started and we are close to picking out first book. And I have a tub full of books I want to read that I bought last year. While there are a number of book reviewing blogs already out there, I took careful consideration as to whether I would start one of my own or not. But I'm going for it anyways.

Still working on blog title and haven't picked out a background yet but I think I will stick with blogger for this one. I just can't figure out word press and I have three other blogs on here at least so what is one more. The title will probably be affected by whether I do the blog on my own or have collaboration, possibly. Some titles I'm considering are: Read This, Not That (yeah, not so original, lol), I(We) Read That, Reading Rainbow, Writers Reading (tis the name of my reading group on WDC), Dawn Reads, Reading at Dawn. I kind of like the last one the most because it has part of my name in it but it doesn't have to mean me per say. Not that I read in the morning but I can pretend I do.

Which brings me to the next topic. I'm looking for collaborators who are interested in posting reviews occasionally. It doesn't have to be every week or even once a month, it just depends on how many people offer and what their schedules are like. I will probably do as many reviews as I can but I don't plan to do one post a day or anything crazy like that. One or two a week would probably be enough. Email me at DawnEmbers(at)ymail(dot)com if interested in being a guest or collaborator for the reading blog.

What genre will be focused on in the blog? I know many people limit the genre they review for blogs but I'm not really a one genre reader or writer. I don't read a lot of urban fantasy or paranormal fiction, and those are most of the ones I've seen on blogs so far. That and there is YA, which I read some but not all that much. Though many of the books I bought last year were YA as they are probably the most prominent grouping I've found on blogs and twitter. Other than that I love fantasy in general, including epic fantasy, but will also read other genres from time to time. So, I figure why limit in reviews what I don't limit in reading or writing. It's good to read out of one's usual genre anyways. So, I don't think there will be a genre limit.

That's all for now. I probably won't have the blog up for a couple of weeks at least but I'm looking for the right template, pondering names and preparing for what books I will review. Oh and I'm reading.