Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A to Z Topic for 2015

Yep, it's time to announce the topic of the month for this year's exciting A to Z blog challenge.

It was a difficult decision.

While my first instinct was to go with something fun, like character or maybe even worldbuilding since I started working on my epic fantasy before nanowrimo and didn't get very far. I'm notorious for wanting to worldbuild but never actually doing much of it as I instead just write the first draft. However, after much consideration, I decided the topic I needed to cover on this blog is:

Edits and Other Technical Aspects of Fiction Writing

Yep, I'm buckling down with my edits  right now and this blog gets to be a part of that because I'm still very new to this whole final edit before submission process. I stalled since I was uncertain which steps to take and need to push myself in order to get things done. So, that's the topic for A to Z challenge. It will include grammar, point of view, description (and my insane lack thereof even after multiple rewrites) and many other similar topics related to the editing process.

Come back on April 1 to see which topic got picked for A.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Coming Soon: April Blog Challenge

That is right. It is time once again for the A theatrical Z blog challenge.

This year I am going between three different topics and plan to pick one in the next two weeks. It's not easy to pick what to spend an entire month talking about so I'm going to give it a little time even though I have a slight preference at this point.

Top choice right now is a month focused on character. Each letter would focus on an aspect of characters that can range from meta to miniscule. I do like characters so any chance to talk about the many different aspects involved in minor and main characters will nab at my attention. I have done some character posts in the past, so will need to make sure don't repeat myself too much in this one and really any topic chosen.

Another option is a whole month on world building. I would probably need to specify on that option as have done some in the past even though I don't world build much. There are so many topics available with building a world that one could probably use the topic per month for a number of years with the A to Z challenge and not run out of material.

Finally, I'm considering talking about the technical side of writing since I'm trying to learn how to get edits done. I've managed to find my groove with first draft writing and even rewriting, but this final edit has been on a major stall. I need to get that done so I can finally reach the submission process. Writing about different editing points and such for a month could be a good reminder of what I should be working on myself.

So the three topics: Character, World Building or Technical. 

Tough pick.

What will you work on in April?
Hope to see many bloggers out and about during the month and I can't wait for the challenge.