Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Editing is


It might just be the method I am using but so far, editing has taken a long long time. I have only been doing notes (highlighting and commenting) on things that need fixed but it takes over an hour for each chapter. I'm on the notes for chapter 27 of 35. I started in February, then took some time away to work on something else. I picked up the pace a week ago and have made a lot of progress since then but still. And I have a whole other novel to start editing notes for since I want to technically submit that one first.

I am trying to make a few decisions. First one: after this long edit is done, what will I do next? I probably need to read over the novel and find places to add descriptions since I rarely describe... anything. But do I want to do that first, or send to a beta reader and see what they would like described more? hmmm  And at what point do I submit to a few agents? 

Not sure at this point but even though it's so slow, I do almost feel like I'm getting closer. At least I'm past the first draft stage on more than one novel and that counts for something.

How are you doing?
Is your progress slower than you expected?
Do you have an easier editing method I can try?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Writing Without Internet

Sounds like a strange concept to me; writing without access to the Internet, yet I find myself faced with that situation. Until I get something set up at my new place, the only access I have is either on my cell phone or when I go to a place (like Starbucks) that has wireless access.

One would think that having less Internet access would be more ideal for writing because there is less distraction. Let's face it, Internet is probably one of the top distractions writers have these days next to things like family and day jobs. However, with most of my writing located either on or on my Mac, I'm having a hard time since the Mac is cracked still and I don't have Internet access in my new place yet. Using the netbook is a challenge to begin with let alone without access to most my work in general. So, I haven't written yet even though I am settled in to my apartment. So, despite the distraction of web sites, I am finding it difficult to write without it.

I need Internet soon cause it's hard to get past the challenge of writing without it. However, I so far am against getting tv, so at least I can write without that, lol.

Do you find it harder or easier to write with Internet access?
Is access worth the distraction?