Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mayhem in March

I considered calling the post March Madness but... I know enough about sports to know better. Don't want to get the writing post confused with a basketball tournament. So, I have been pondering a month topic and I think I found a fun one to start things off.

also related to - mhuahahahahaha

Yes, mayhem, madness, bedlam, *looks in thesaurus*, chaos, tumult, turmoil, pandemonium, havoc, maelstrom... and you get the basic idea. I'm going to post a few different entries during march about the crazy bad things that can happen in stories, those dark moments that intensify the plot and drive the story plummeting forward.

Sounds fun right? I hope so. Nothing like a good month of madness and bedlam to drive this blog forward. hehehe

Do you have moments of madness, chaos or turmoil in your stories?
What device do you use to increase the mayhem?
Any topic you'd like to see in March for this?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pondering Change and Direction

Yep, my little silent blog needs some sprucing up. I can tell. After a few years of blogging on writing in general, I am seeing that I need some direction in order to get more posts on a regular basis. So, I am thinking of options and will be adding a little direction to the blog in the very near future.

One thing I'm reconsidering is the month topics, but doing the same topics each year. Like Nonfiction January, or Horror/Scary February, or Romance August. Something like that. Or maybe Character March, Plot October, and the like so that 3 months a year are genre specific and the other months have other topics.

But I'm still here and hope to get a couple posts in this month. I look forward to blogging more.