Saturday, January 15, 2011

New on Other Blogs

There are two new things going on but on my other blogs. Yep, I'm doing an update on this blog about fun things that aren't this blog, lol.

1. New book review blog has first post. It's just an introduction post but there is one review ready for posting and I have some books I need to write about soon. The blog template turned out pretty well and I even got pages set up. Even found a good reason for the title, which can be found in the section "about the blog". Enjoy!

I hope to do pages on this blog too in the near future now that I know how to do them. First I have to write one page on my other "me only" blog.

2. For fun I started a blog hop type of deal over at . It is for people who are obsessed with word counts and checking the word counts for anything they write. The blog hop is called WCOA (world count obsessor anonymous) and it has two options. Either write a post a week on word counts, giving in to counting words for the week since once a week is better than once a paragraph. Or the posts can come once a month. It's really a place to indulge in word count obsession, which shall be fun.

Don't worry, other writing topics will be coming soon.


L'Aussie said...

Hi Dawn! I'm not that obsessive about word counts so I think I'll give this one a miss! Have fun writing and reading!

Dawn Embers said...

Hey L'Aussie - Thanks for commenting. Lucky you not worrying about word count all the time. Have fun writing and reading *winks*