Sunday, January 30, 2011

Topic Suggestions

That's right. I'm putting up this post like it's a suggestion box. I want to hear from you!

What topics would you like to see discussed on this blog?

Any genres need more focus?

Character elements you'd like to know about?

Anything else?


Loralie Hall said...

I want to know more about your internship. I have a longer list than that, but that's like the number one does it work, where are you in the submission timeline, stuff like that.

Christina Lee said...

Hey (I swear) Loralie stole my answer! Also what you see in the slush pile--not sure how to narrow that down though!

Tabitha Bird said...

Thanks for asking :)

Um, I write memoir so that would be something I'd want to read more about, especially common pitfalls and reasons for rejection in this genre.

Also query letters. Do's and don'ts.

Also anywhere you know of that a writer can go to have their query letter crit.

thanks heaps!

Haley Jo said...

I've been dying to hear about your internship, too! It sounds pretty awesome.

I've been getting ready to do queries, and would love to hear something about that too.

Also, maybe some things about editing. What works and what doesn't?

Great idea with the suggestion box, Dawn!

Donna Hole said...

I'm fresh out of ideas lately. My own blog is suffering. But I wouldn't mind hearing more about your internship too.