Monday, January 3, 2011

Potential Book Review Blog

This is something I've been thinking about for a few months now. While I don't do enough reading, or at least I didn't do enough during 2010 or a couple of years before it, I want to change that part of my life. I have a reading group that is getting started and we are close to picking out first book. And I have a tub full of books I want to read that I bought last year. While there are a number of book reviewing blogs already out there, I took careful consideration as to whether I would start one of my own or not. But I'm going for it anyways.

Still working on blog title and haven't picked out a background yet but I think I will stick with blogger for this one. I just can't figure out word press and I have three other blogs on here at least so what is one more. The title will probably be affected by whether I do the blog on my own or have collaboration, possibly. Some titles I'm considering are: Read This, Not That (yeah, not so original, lol), I(We) Read That, Reading Rainbow, Writers Reading (tis the name of my reading group on WDC), Dawn Reads, Reading at Dawn. I kind of like the last one the most because it has part of my name in it but it doesn't have to mean me per say. Not that I read in the morning but I can pretend I do.

Which brings me to the next topic. I'm looking for collaborators who are interested in posting reviews occasionally. It doesn't have to be every week or even once a month, it just depends on how many people offer and what their schedules are like. I will probably do as many reviews as I can but I don't plan to do one post a day or anything crazy like that. One or two a week would probably be enough. Email me at DawnEmbers(at)ymail(dot)com if interested in being a guest or collaborator for the reading blog.

What genre will be focused on in the blog? I know many people limit the genre they review for blogs but I'm not really a one genre reader or writer. I don't read a lot of urban fantasy or paranormal fiction, and those are most of the ones I've seen on blogs so far. That and there is YA, which I read some but not all that much. Though many of the books I bought last year were YA as they are probably the most prominent grouping I've found on blogs and twitter. Other than that I love fantasy in general, including epic fantasy, but will also read other genres from time to time. So, I figure why limit in reviews what I don't limit in reading or writing. It's good to read out of one's usual genre anyways. So, I don't think there will be a genre limit.

That's all for now. I probably won't have the blog up for a couple of weeks at least but I'm looking for the right template, pondering names and preparing for what books I will review. Oh and I'm reading.


L'Aussie said...

Hiya Dawn. This sounds awesome. Have sent you an email! Happy New Writing Year!

J. D. Brown said...

Please do not name it Reading Rainbow!!!! That reminds me of the horrible show I used to watch as a kid. I think it had the reverse effect and made kids everywhere NOT want to read. If you have no idea what show I'm talking about, google it. LOL.

I think this is a cool idea but I won't be joining. I have too many blogs to keep track of as it is. Let me know when the blog gets started though, I'd love to read your reviews at least!

L'Aussie said...

Hi Dawn @ Reading Rainbow, just kidding. I just joined the Home Girl's 100+ Reading Challenge so there, I'm committed. Seems to be Reading Challenges everywhere! I've got the link in my sidebar if you're interested..:)

Dawn Embers said...

L'Aussie - Thanks and I look forward to working with you on this. I've seen probably 20 reading challenges on a number of blogs. The 100+ is a bit too intimidating for me since I read maybe 5 books in 2010. The out do yourself type one I've seen might work because even if I do 10 books it's better than last year.

JD - lol. Don't worry, I'll make sure people know when I have the blog up. I know of but don't remember reading rainbow. I just had it up cause I like rainbows and there is a glbt factor to it. But I'm probably going to go with Reading at Dawn.

L'Aussie said...

Hey Dawn, you're probably experimenting with a new look but I can't read your posts now! EEk!