Friday, October 15, 2010

OMG day 15

Oh My Gosh! I'm so excited to reach the 15 day mark because that means we are 15 days closer to NaNoWriMo. I can't wait to start.

The prep challenge is working out really well. Aside from drawings, I have been posting my entries on my other blog along with the book entry on, which is where I get all the information from for the challenge. I'm glad people are finding the information useful and I'm sure Brandiwyn would be happy too. Just a reminder, I'm just posting the assignments for everyone to see, she (brandiwyn) is the real genius behind them.

As much as I love the prep work, and writing in my 5 other novels, I'm starting to get antsy. I want to be writing the epic fantasy already. It has been 5+ years in the making and it will be nice to get that first draft written down, even if I never try to get it published.

How is everyone else doing?
Ready for NaNoWriMo?


Justin W. Parente said...

Hi Dawn,

I'm going into my first NaNo, and definitely psyched. I'm chugging away to finish my current MS so I can have all of November free for the challenge.

I'm pantsing through it. No planning. I did, however, write my first 1 page excerpt and post it on my NaNo Author Page. Maybe look me up and send some friends my way. I want to see what those writing rooms you mentioned are all about.

FInd me at: sirfrodo13

See you around!

Summer Ross said...

I'm anxious for NaNo too, and like Justin, I'm trying to get through most my other projects so i have November free for NaNo- however- i also plan to have a little outlining done so I don't get stuck in the middle either. I'd love to see you there too my NaNo name is : ladywriter1