Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Blogiversary to This Blog

Yay! The blog is officially 2 years old and I have been blogging for that long, as it was my first blog. The Epic 2 Blog 2 Year Giveaway is still going on for one more day. May 2nd is the last day to enter, so if you haven't, hurry and enter. Epic Giveaway

Aside from the giveaway, I took a few days to figure out how I was going to celebrate in this post. And I think the look back over some of the posts is a good approach. It's hard to believe how much this blog has grown and followers are part of that amazing growth.

Back when I first started blogging, I had a couple of writing friends who I followed that also followed my blog but no comments. I'm seeing that is rather usual of new blogs and it never bothered me. I have discussed a few topics more than once since starting and it's interesting to see the different posts.

First blog post I started right away with writing topics, no introduction post. The first post was about writing every day and my attempt that week with writing one children's story a day for the whole week. Every Day

I started off at a decent pace but in September through November I had only one post per month. A bit over 6 months after starting, I had one post on goals comparing the idea of word count goals and chapter ones. Word Count Versus Chapters

After a year, I had gotten the hang of blogging. I even had some followers, all great and still are. But I didn't even remember when the anniversary day was until months later. But I did have a post on May 1 2010. It was about reading. Reading Week

6 months ago, was November 1, 2010 and the start of NaNoWriMo. Not a wordy post, the message was simple. On Your Mark, Get Set...

Good times. That brings us to today. 2 years and 187 posts later. I am hosting an epic giveaway. I just finished the craziness of the A to Z challenge, which meant more blog posts in one month than I have ever done before. And who knows what will happen next. But look for more theme weeks. I have a Middle Grade week coming up and might even have some guest posts in the future. I hope you all stay with me and enjoy the posts for another great year.


Loralie Hall said...

Yay! Happy Blog Birthday ^_^ I love reading your posts and I'm glad you're here in internet-land and I'm looking forward to many more years of it all, so you'd better stick around :-D

baygirl32 said...

Happy Blogaversary (think I already said it before, but just in case... Happy Blogoversary)

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Samuel said...

happy second birthday !

Dawn Embers said...


Thanks everyone.