Monday, August 3, 2009

Publisher Requirements

While the submission process is something that I don't have much experience in, I thought that this would be a good topic. After my last rejection, I found a new magazine to send the story out to only this one isn't an online submission. But what spurred this topic is that the publisher had more than a postal requirement. They wanted the stories to be printed on bond paper (50lb +). I went to an office supply store and even the people working there had never heard of bond paper. People I tell the requirement too have actually asked me why and for that I don't have an answer because the truth is we don't need to know why it is required, just have to find a way to follow the rules. I found linen cover stock (65lb) and printed out the story. It is in the mail now.

Make sure to check what the publisher requires in a submission. A few things to check for:
1. Word Count or Line Count requirements
2. Email submissions allowed or not
3. Do they want a cover letter with it or no
4. Are multiple submission accepted (more than one by the author to the same location)
5. Do they allow simultaneous submissions (meaning same story to different publishers)
6. Are they even accepting submissions at that time. (not all will be)

There are so many reasons a publisher can reject a story. By making sure to follow their requirements that at least gets your story into there hands and gives it a shot. Because if their rules aren't followed there is little chance the story/poems/etc will even be considered. It pays to pay attention.