Thursday, December 31, 2009


This post is going to be my personal goals for the new year. There will be a post soon that discusses writing how to books and my thoughts.

For me, writing goals are very important. Some people come up with new years resolutions: I do goals. Now it is true that sometimes I don't make my goals but all I have to do when I fail is adjust the goal. I work better with deadlines. I could do the usual daily word count goal but I never do well with that. However, I am liking the idea behind chapter goals.

These are the goals developed for a writing group on
Yearly Goal: Rewrite ED and have one other novel first draft done at least
Six-Month Goal: Work on F, ED, BP and AAE
Three-Month goal: Work on F, ED, BP and AAE
Weekly Goal: write/rewrite one chapter at least

ED is a teen novel that only has a little over 23,000 words in the first draft. I started it in 2007 during nanowrimo but took many breaks.
F is a novel about an angel and a demon. It is my two main character project, following both as they fall in love.
BP is a more formal style novel that I'm struggling with because it deals with beings that are similar to vampires but I refuse to call them that. It is my only book right now with a female main character.
AAE is my attempt at a mystery. Follows a young, gay detective on his first high profile case.

Aside from this I have other goals like everyone else. Get a job, which has been my goal for the last year. Get into a nursing program. Move out of my mom's house (again) and on my own. Find someone who wants to be with me in hopes of settling down. And lose weight.

So many goals but I am optimistic for the new year. 2010 will be great, because I will make it be!