Saturday, January 2, 2010

Almost Kiss

This is from a story line that I started a long time ago. Was going to use it for writing a movie script during script frenzy but never got around to that. In the story, the two main characters are pretending to date, and be gay, in hopes of winning back or just winning in the first place the girls they like. This is a rough draft, so not really looking to fix any errors.

Here is the scene:

The moment Jason was waiting for had almost occurred. He watched Marc in the corner of his eye while pretending to focus on the movie. They had been watching any gay movie they could sneak into his parents' house in order to learn how to act in order to fool people. It would have been an impossible task to pretend being a couple if they had just decided to wing it. The movies were helping, so far, but they hadn't come across any kissing or sex scenes yet. But one was coming.

"Did we decide to have popcorn, or no?" Marc searched the floor before returning his attention to the television.

Then it happened. Music filled the air as the to male characters in the movie pushed together in a long, tongue filled kiss. It didn't end there as they moved to the bed, taking the scene from hot to steaming in a matter of seconds. As Jason suspected, Marc looked away and didn't watch the makeout session that the movie displayed. His face turned bright red from embarrassment.

"We might have a problem," Jason admitted, once the scene had changed.

"What?" Marc turned to look at him. He didn't look too concerned.

Taking a deep breath, he explained. "Tricking my ex will be easy. All I have to do is tell her and she'll believe me. But it's going to be hard to convince the gay group that we're a couple."

"That makes sense, I guess." Marc nibbled on his thumb, as he often did when thinking. "What are we going to do?"

"We might have to..." Jason stammered at the end, "kiss."

The comment received an immediate response. "No way!"

He decided to take a different approach. Pulling his knee up to his chest, he wrapped his arms around it before focusing on Marc. "Have you ever kissed a girl? Or anyone for that matter?"

"Of course!" Marc sounded offended, but also seemed to overdue it as his voice pitched up in his hurry to speak. "I've kissed a couple of girls, in fact."

"Okay." He didn't believe him but wasn't going to question it. "How about we look at this in a different way. Actors kiss all the time and it means nothing."

"I'm not an actor."

Sighing, Jason wasn't ready to give up. He'd put too much into their lie to back down now. "I bet a kiss would convince Tracy. And she seems like the type who enjoys watching two guys kiss."

"What makes you say that?" Marc's attention was caught and he sounded interested in the idea at last.

"She is the president of the club."

"Fine," Marc gave in. "How do we get through this?"

Getting ready for an uncomfortable kiss, Jason stood up. He pulled Marc up from his sitting position on the floor. They stood, facing each other. Jason tried to step in closer but Marc moved backwards away from him.

"Marc, this isn't easy for me either." He grabbed Marc by the wrist and pulled him closer again. "Okay. How about we just close our eyes and go for it. No tongue or anything."

Marc nodded in agreement. "Okay. Let's get this over with."

Closing his eyes, Jason leaned in. He had a good several inches on Marc in height, so he tried to aim down a little. It seemed to take forever, but at last he felt something with his lips but it wasn't what he expected. An almost moist sensation occurred as he felt part of Marc pressing against his jaw line. He backed up and opened his eyes.

Wiping his eyelid, Marc was the first to react. "What the hell?"

"I had my eyes closed." He tried to defend himself.

"So did I."

They both burst out laughing.