Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fight Scene Blogfest

After the nokiss blogfest, a friend of mine on here decided it would be fun to do a fight scene blogfest. The rules are similar. There is a specific date (Feb. 1-2) to post either a fight scene from your own writing or from somewhere else and post them on a blog. This is also linked to twitter and has it's own hashtag "FSblogfest".

Linky -

Now, I don't know much about fighting scenese. The closest thing to a fight scene I have right now is in a elven story where the two elves are in a class practicing a fight. There are only a few moves shown in the scene as one has already been whooping the other and the last one attempt is the more important one to the story. So, I've never done an actual fight scene. This will be a different experience and maybe I'll post some tips from research at the end of january on how to write fight scenes. For now check out the podcast "Writing Excuses". They have at least one on fight/battle scenes.