Monday, February 1, 2010

Fight Scene Blogfest

I managed to write a scene for this blogfest. Here I will warn: I have never done a fight scene. The closest in the past was the end of a practice segment with swords, it starts a scene but only shows the end of their practice. I didn't put many details on the fighting because I know nothing about any form of combat, even fist. With that said... Here is a scene from my current WIP known as Fallen. This is to be near the end.

+ + +

The walls of the fourth story apartment appeared to bend inward, flexing in an unnatural movement. Red symbols burned to a hot white as the door burst open, shattered, giving Lucas only a second to experience the awe. Wood splinters were followed by a hurled ball of flames.

Lucas threw himself to the side, barely missing the flames. They burst against the wall, leaving a charred black mark. His hand grazed his arm, noticing a lack of hairs as he stood to face his opponent.

"Did you really think a few wards and guards would stop me?" Bass chuckles escaped from the speaker who entered the apartment.

"What'd you do?" He had a hard time phrasing the question. Lucas knew the demon before him was stronger and more powerful than he could ever be, even though he was also a demon. His muscles started to shiver as he waited for the answer. Palms started to sweat as he prepared to give his all.

"Don't worry." The demon gave him a white flash of teeth, his muscles flexing with each step forward. Black tattoos fluctuated with each movement. "The guards get to nap. It's just me and you."

Standing his ground, Lucas widened his stance calling on his own limited powers. Flames licked his palms.

The demon lunged first. Fists flared in an array of blocks mixed within punches from both of them. Each received a few blows to the bodies, match for match. His fist smashed against the left side of Lucas' head. They broke apart for a second before he caught the next lunge, pinning Lucas to the wall, his hand holding him by the neck.

Lucas struggled for air as his body was lifted off the ground. The hard wall supported his back as his feet dangled against it. In a desperate move, he managed to bring his knee up, connecting with the demon's groin.

Fallen back, he grunted before stiffening his spine. "One for you," he muttered. "That's all you get." He charged forward.

Unable to block every move, Lucas felt his body getting pummeled. He swung his fists whenever he could, occasionally catching body. Minutes later he was airborne, meeting ground again by way of crashing through a side table located near the back wall. He groaned as he tried to pull himself out of the rubble. His entire body ached.

Breathing hard, the demon stood at the other side of the room. He had a devilish grin on his face as he formed a ball of blue fire. "Time to end this nonsense."

Giving up, Lucas braced himself for the end. Already dead, he couldn't imagine what else could happen but he was about to find out. As the flame left the demon's hands, he closed his eyes.

A solid form crashed into Lucas, knocking him out of the way.

Lucas opened his eyes, to discover he was lying on the ground near the side wall. Pieces of table were under his body adding to the ache. Once the happening reached his mind, he flipped over to see what had pushed him. Elijah lay in a heap on the floor where he had once stood. Ignoring the threat of the demon and his own pain, he managed to drag his body over to Elijah's. As Lucas clung to his limp body, tears rolled down his cheeks. It took the sound of the demon snickering to pull him out of his trance.

"That was unexpected but oh well." The demon stood, waiting with a calm look on his face, unmoved. "One down and now it's your turn."

Pain dwelled at his stomach, swirling up to form a hard lump in his heart. He pushed the ache to the side and grabbed the rage from within as he pulled his body into a standing position, not facing his enemy. As the fire boiled up he turned and threw everything he had at the demon; all his pain and anger combined into a bolt of flame.

A surprised gasp turned to a scream of agony and then silence.


Anonymous said...

Considering that you've never written a fight scene before, and the fact that you don't really read or watch things that have them, this was an awesome first try! Great job, darlin'! :)