Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easier to Write?

First, before going to the main topic, the results of the poll. I asked if anyone would be interested in receiveing more details on my current works in progress and received a total of 8 votes. Half were for the "absolutely" and the other half were for the more conservative yes, worded as "once in a while". So, the basic result was = Yes.  From 8 of 29 followers, it has been determined that I will post an occasional topic where I discuss a work in progress.  The rest of the time I'll either do just writing without linkage to my own work, or I'll mention my own work to explain what I mean. The next post on titles will include some talk of how I get some of my titles.

Today's topic: Are some things easier to write than others?


Do I know why? No. Well, maybe.

I am finding that with the variety of novel ideas I have, some seem to take a lot of time and effort in order for them to get done. On the other hand, a novel I didn't plan to write in 2010 and had only 3,000 ish words to it now is at 28,000+ words and I'm doing more tonight. So, what aspects makes it easier?

Character: Having a character that you really like and want to listen to is very helpful. Sure all of the characters have their moments where they just won't shut up, but that doesn't always equate to words on pages. But if you have a character that you don't mind fighting with at times and enjoy the journey of finding out their story it can make a real difference. However, if the character just won't talk or cooperate, that makes the book much more difficult to write.

Plot: It can be difficult when you don't know the full plot of the story. Sure, ever detail doesn't have to be known but if you have no idea where the book is going there could be problems. A lot of writing may occur in this situation but a lot of it may also be of no use after a rewrite once the main plot is known.  What is helpful for faster writing is in the plot interests you. Do you enjoy the storyline and where the book is going? Does it intrigue you, cause you to feel a plethora of emotions? If so, then that may help. Just remember: If you are bored writing it, then there is a good chance it will bore the reader too.

Incentives: I like incentives and goals. It doesn't even have to be something big like a vacation or a car. Just knowing you've reached that 50,000 word mark can be a great feeling. Or letting yourself get a song or a cd for getting certain amounts done, or even a book! (Imagine that. Getting a book for writing a book.) Goals can get a little depressing if you struggle to make them but it all depends on your attitude. You can view yourself as a failure and that will damper further work on it. Or, you can view it as a chance to keep trying, that any amount closer is more than you had before. Keep trying and keep writing.

Some novels will seem easy to write and others will be hard. But in the end you'll have the same thing: a finished novel.


Harley D. Palmer said...

Excellent advice! I think all writers struggle with that, especially those of us that have more than one novel in the works.

Once of the struggles that I have isn't necessarily that one novel is boring or whatever, but I decided this year to focus on ONE novel instead of skipping about to whichever one I felt like. That has been really hard as the other characters from the other novels are fighting for a chance to talk. I blogged about this a few days ago and Kurt Chambers made a great comment to me - that basically said, I need to write the way I want to write, not the way I think I SHOULD write - meaning that I shouldn't try to be published before I'm ready. I'll be ready when I'm ready! I should just enjoy writing like I always have and go with the flow (or go with whichever character is talking to me that day!)

Harley D. Palmer said...

You have an award at my blog! Check it out at Creative Writer Award