Saturday, September 4, 2010

Week of Romance

Romance Week is here and I'm going to spend the several days talking about different aspects of romance plots and books.

(Image Source: Aquarian Age Romance)

What is romance(in fiction)?  The romance novel is a book that focuses on the relationship and romantic love, almost always between two people, and usually has a satisfying, optimistic ending.

The genre, as a whole, tends to have very strict structure to the novels that do have some exceptions but not all that often. A good book to read on writing romance novels is "On Writing Romance" by Leigh Michaels. It is a useful novel for general romance writing, which I got for christmas from one of my stepsisters. However, from the very beginning, I could tell my writing isn't as helped by the book because it's one of the exceptions that exist.

Why do I say mine is an exception from the very beginning? Well, the book On Writing Romance defines the romance genre as a relationship between a man and a woman. Yeah, I don't write that. My romance/erotica novel is man and man. Exception to the rule. lol

Though, romance isn't always the main plot(genre). Most of the other genres and subgenres can have romance subplots. Through this week, I will post not only on the romance novel but also the use of a romance subplot, how much I don't like love triangles, the creepiness of romance novel covers and the characters themselves.

Topics for the week:
(In no particular order)
Main Characters
Love Triangles
Main versus Sub plot
Novel Covers

Hope you enjoy this week.

Do you like romance? Do you write it?


Summer Ross said...

oh, wonderful. I'll be looking forward to your posts.

Clarissa Draper said...

I write mysteries not romance but I try to put a little bit of love in the book. So, I'll try to check in during the week.


Francine said...


Shall watch this closely with much interest. :)


Melanie Golden said...

I like romance, yes. But I don't like to read books ONLY about romance. I need some more substance in my books. (Supernatural plots, anyone?)

Dawn Embers said...

I'm glad to see this week has some interest. That is reassuring to say the least.