Wednesday, December 8, 2010


No, not that kind of brand. I'm sure that many authors/writers will know by now, but for those that haven't heard this: Branding is very important for a writer who wants to be published.

What do I mean by "brand"?
Brand can be a couple of things. Sure it can be the marking that some people do on their property, like that seen on cattle or even the marking people do on their own bodies involving hot metal. Ouch! But what I mean is the name or particular type linked to a specific product. Coke is a brand of soda, for example. The brand is a form of identity for a product, service, business or person and that is what authors need to consider when figuring out their own brand.

This is where, for me, pen names come in. In fact, someone on Twitter was asking about pen names and I commented about it that mentioned branding and they liked the response.

Dawn Embers is an essential element to my brand of novels. They may not always be in the exact same genre/subgenre but there are elements that tie many of the stories together that combined with my pen name will make for what I think will be my brand. I've actually be known in writing as Dawn Embers for around 5 years now. It isn't easy to get used to at first and sometimes it feels weird to have someone call me Dawn when that isn't technically my first name. But it's getting easier and I like it, which is what really helps.

One person who blogs about marketing you all should check out is Kristie Cook. Check out her blog here: It's really great and she did several posts on marketing, including ones about brand and product.

This is a brief introduction. Maybe I'll discuss the topic more in detail but for now this is it. If there are any questions readers want to have discussed about writing on this blog my email address is available for anyone. Just send the email to DawnEmbers(at)ymail(dot)com. :-)

Do you have a brand figured out yet?


Anastasia V. Pergakis said...

Great post Dawn. I do have my brand figured out. The hardest part was finding images and website/blog design that fit or showed my brand in the way I wanted. Perhaps you could talk about that next. :) It took me a while (almost a year in fact) to put all of the elements of my brand together. But, I think it works and I can relax knowing that I set it up well.

Dawn Embers said...

I've never actually thought about images because I have no idea about images with my brand. I have my name and some of the novels. That's something I'll have to think about cause finding images is very tough.

J. D. Brown said...

I agree, finding images is tough. I wish I knew a bunch of models and a photographer so I could just have my own images made exactly how I want them. Until then, Ana does a good job of photoshoping images for me. :)

I've also been working on my brand, along with building a fan base, these past months. Everyone always says to go with a specific niche, and while they are right, I think it's important for NEW writers to not be afraid to experiment outside their comfort zone because you never know in what shape or form your big break will finally come in.

For example, I used to be strictly urban fantasy, but now I also write paranormal romance and paranormal erotica. The 3 genres are very closely related, story wise, but you'd be surprised how many doors open up when you venture past your normal genre just a little bit.

Great topic. Good luck with your branding. :)

Dawn Embers said...

That's true JD. Some don't see the freedom they have as new writers to try different genres/subgenres and how much they can learn that can help whatever main one they want to publish first. It's a good thing to consider.