Thursday, December 16, 2010

Novel Contemplation

One of the good parts about having a blog or a profile on a social media network is the ability to rant, to discuss when there is a struggle and there is someone to respond who might have a useful suggestion. While I usually use the other blog to talk about my personal writing, I think this time is a good one to post here because it fits in a topic that can also be discussed.

Part of the hardship that has been on some writers in the past is the solitude. Being alone with characters in their head all day long is enough to drive a person crazy. Plus, when getting stuck in a story, it makes the feeling seem almost daunting to overcome.

I had a ramble that went on twitter and it was one that I posted just to complain because it was late and I figured that no one would respond because many of my friends are in bed during the night. But after I posted my panic over worrying about my Young Adult novel's word count because I'm not sure if it's going to be long enough. Considering the first draft was only 23k, it's getting better but still for something that is fantasy/sci-fi those books nowadays tend to be longer. Anyways, I actually posted on twitter and an awesome writing friend (WritersBlockNZ) responded and was so awesome just to talk to me about it.

This is why writing friends are awesome and the networks used to keep in touch can be so essential. While we didn't come up with a solution, it was what I really needed. I just needed someone to talk to about it and for once that actually happened and it made me happy. So, I thought I'd post about how I'm struggling on a novel on here, because this is a writing blog.

Young Adult is not easy. I didn't really plan to write the genre, per say, but that's where this series lies so I'm going with it. While I plan the novel to at least be over 50k, I was slightly worried because it seems novels in similar subgenres of YA are in the 70-90k range instead of the shorter range that used to be more common. Maybe after the beta readers get a chance to scrounge over the novel the draft after it will be longer. Considering the first draft was 23k, I should be happy that it can get up to almost 55k in the second draft and I am. Just had to rant about my word count concerns.

The other problem I have is I'm nearing the end. It took me 2 years to do that with the first draft since I started it for nano 2007 and didn't finish that draft until late 2009. Endings are hard in part because I've only written three so far while I've started like 10 novels at least. Also, near the end there is a chapter in the 23k version that is only a few hundred words because there was a part I didn't know how or what to write. It's a part that involves punishment but I'm not sure what to do. I think it should involve mostly emotional attempts but with a few physical by the government agents on the teen boy main character. But what do I do?

Any ideas?

Anyways. The point here is it's okay to rant and sometimes just whine a little bit (just don't whine on a regular basis because people can find these online postings and maybe not appreciate the type of person you are perceived to be when doing that all the time. But get some of it out and maybe by posting about the trouble a story is giving it can help you find a solution or come to terms with the issue. As for me, I'm going to write those last 5-7 ish chapters and try to have it done by my deadline.