Thursday, February 10, 2011

Future Topics

Here are the current results from the post where I asked what readers want me to post on this blog.


I will continue to take suggestions and my email is always open for thoughts, suggestions and even offerings (as in interviews, guest posts, stuff like that).

Intern Topic is pending on approval.
Everyone wants to know about my internship, which is also exciting for me. I just don't know how much of it I'm allowed to discuss so I'm going to have to email my boss first. While I think it's a great idea for me to post about my blog, I want to respect the publisher, so I will get permission before I post anything else.

Query Topic
A great suggestion and I will do a number of posts on queries, but they will take research because I have to admit something here. I have yet to send a query. I know, shocking but it's true. In fact, I only have ever written one query letter... oh actually it is two. I have a nonfiction query letter and book proposal written with a number of different drafts done as part of how I got my Bachelor's degree. Then I have one first draft of a YA novel query, which I wrote for a blogfest. I have 3 novels with finished drafts and at least 5 others started but I know that I'm not ready to send a query. So, I'm going to be doing these query posts from the very beginning because that's where I'm at as a writer.

This is one that caught me off guard. I don't write memoirs as I am against writing about myself in general, which is hard when writing bios. I haven't really read many in my entire life either. But I am more than willing to do the research to help. It's not going to be easy finding the pitfalls and reasons for rejection but I do have a background in research so I should be able to find it somewhere to share with readers here.

Another thing I haven't done much for myself. I have been a copy editor for a newspaper, where I mostly did the grammar and spelling because I didn't really know the format issues of the pages. I've done more first drafts and haven't done much of the editing but I will soon. And I have a book on self-editing. I did give edit notes for a children's book, once in my internship so far, and that does help too.


Stina Lindenblatt said...

I know I could never write a memoir. They're not as easy to write as some people think. And I'm sure mine would end up being more fiction than reality based.