Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Progress Report

Howdy Everyone

Have another small update. I have comments on writing over at my other blog, that discusses a decision I made with my own writing. But the other reason to post this is the epic giveaway.

2 books have been sent from Book Depository.
2 books purchased for the Local Bookstore packages.
Candy bought for candy winners.

So, I'm getting closer to getting everyone their prizes. Yay!

As for this blog, I am making plans. Once I get work all squared away, calmed down, and such, I have a few topics planned. There will be Middle Grade week. I have some posts to do about my internship and I have some general topics about writing (like one about Focus). So, there should be more content than updates coming in the future.

'Til then, Keep Writing.


Trisha said...

I thought I had an MG novel...turns out it's probably more adult, even if it does have animal characters. D'oh!

Dawn Embers said...

Trisha - It happens. Good luck with yours cause I know animal characters can be a hard sell in adult genres.