Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Update

Wow, things have been busy. I have been neglecting my blogs a little and I feel bad. Since I started working at two different jobs, I have days where I work for 16 hours. Once I get used to the schedule, hopefully I will find more time for reading, writing and blogging.

The good news is, I will be able to get everyone's prizes out soon from the Epic giveaway. It's nice to not be broke. :-)

So, this blog will seem neglected for a little longer but I'm going to work on posting once a week.


James Garcia Jr said...

Hi, Dawn. Hang in there. I know a little of how you feel. I work 11 hours every day, and then run home to trusty laptop.
As fate would have it this is week two of a new restructuring plan that I have decided upon. I am posting once, promoting the heck out of it, and then spending all of the extra time visiting blogs...like this one. *waves*


Anonymous said...

At least I'm not the only one who has been neglecting visiting blogs. Sometimes we get so involved in our jobs or in my case book promotion and taking care of my daughter and trying to survive the heat. Sometimes we just can't do all that we'd like to do!
Ann Best, Memoir Author

Sophia Richardson said...

Wow, working sixteen hours a day? I don't envy you that! Glad you're not broke though, and not just because I'm super excited about my giveaway book. Delayed gratification, yum.