Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July Novel Writing Challenge

Yes, there is another month long challenge and I am taking part in this one too.


This is a challenge very much like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) though not quite as globally epic yet. It's a month long challenge with the goal of ending the month having written 50,000 words. Except, the July challenge doesn't have to be a new story and it doesn't even have to be done on a single story. If someone wants to work on 3 already started novels *cough*ME*cough* then that is perfectly acceptable. (Yes. I have even more than three novels started, but I only plan to work on 3 for July.)

I learned about this event back about oh, June 11th. Yeah, not a lot of time to prepare but one of my group members on WDC in a group I run called NaNoWriMo Plus asked if we were going to do anything. After a few hours research I figured why not. Course that was when I had one minimal job instead of two with lots of hours but oh well.

I decided to run an event in my group and set it up. And at least 10 people on Writing.com have expressed interest, which is cool. So, despite short notice and new jobs I'm leading a group in writing 50,000 words during July. Can't wait to get writing.

Web site: http://julnowrimo.com/

Anyone else taking part in JulNoWriMo?
Did you know about it before?
What are your writing goals for July?


AllMyPosts said...

I didn't know about this earlier!! Let me join now!!

I think, it would be kind of motivation right??

with warm regards
Another Author

The East Coaster said...

I did this last year and the novel I started then is going through final edits. Huzzah!

So yeah, I love JulNoWrimo. There's something about being in a community of people who are pressing towards the same goal that gets me moving. Positive hive mentality works.

Now I've two day to wrap up any final projects so I can fully concentrate on JulNoWrimo. Good luck to us all!

Dawn Embers said...

AllMyPosts - Indeed, it hopefully is great motivation.

The East Coaster - Awesome. Good luck to you too.