Friday, May 2, 2014

Five Years and Still Blogging

Wow. I've had this blog for 5 years. That is crazy.

My first blog post ever, as this was my first official blog, was on May 1, 2009.

Followed soon after (on the 2nd) by this post:

My first month blogging, I put up 9 posts. I started off slow though for the rest of the year with a couple months where I only managed to get up 1 post. 2010 made up for it. That was probably one of my most active blogging years and it's also when I was active on Twitter. I don't post on twitter much anymore so I'll have to work on that one too in the near future.

May 2010:

From reading topics, goals to what do I plan to write, it was quite the month. I had a reading goal week, which to be honest, I don't even remember attempting.  Some success happened and some failure. I had a list of authors to seek out to interview but I'll be honest, I didn't even try. I got distracted by other things, then forgot. A list of books to read, of which in the last 4 years I have read two out of nine. I don't even recognize some of the titles...  This is also the year that I started my other blog, now titled Fiction & Fitness, that is more focused on my life in general along with my personal writing (while I use this one to talk about writing in general).

May 2011:

Some activity in 2011. I attempted an epic giveaway which took me so long to complete in giving away prizes. I learned a lesson that month. As much as I'd like to do great giveaways where I send people stuff, I need to make sure I have the time and money beforehand. Maybe some day in the future I'll be able to do another epic prize giveaway event, alas it won't be any time soon. This is the year I started the book review blog, along with two other readers who were awesome to help me.

May 2012:

I had this one post in May for 2012, after taking part in A to Z challenge. Succeeded in April but I was tired so ended up focusing on other things. Well, that and I moved in June 2012 out to Oregon from Wyoming. Had a lot going on then.

May 2013:

Also a light year after taking part in A to Z challenge the month before. I believe 2013 was the year I took part on this blog and over on my other blog, so I managed to do 52 posts between the two for April, which not surprising leads to smaller posts in May. Last year I started talking about Beta readers and since then, I have had 2 people read my novel and give me some advice. I'm working on final edits and hop to be sending that novel query to agents soon.

Now it's May 2014. And even though the past couple years have been light on content. May not be published yet, or even submitting to agents, but I can definitely say I'm closer. And I have so much more I want to write no matter what happens. And as for blogging, who would have thought I'd still be posting here in 5 years. But I'm still here. Not bad.

And I look forward to another 5 years of blogging.


Robin said...

I like going back and skipping through my old posts. It reminds me of who I was at that time, what I thought, where I "thought" I was going, and shows me how far I've come. Congrats on five years!

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks. Yeah it was interesting. I don't have the best memory so I see things I don't even remember, like the books I didn't know I wanted to read. Thanks for the comment.

mooderino said...

Congratulations! Five years is a big commitment, very impressive.

Moody Writing

Dawn Embers said...

Mooderino - Thanks. :-)

athousandliveslived said...

Congrats! You're awesome at writing and blogging! I'm glad to have met you through blogging. :)

Dawn Embers said...


Thanks Michelle, I'm glad to have met you as well.