Thursday, April 9, 2015

H is for Habit

As in getting into the habit of editing on a regular basis. Something I still need to work on since I haven't done any of the edit in the last week though trying to keep up with this challenge is proving a tad difficult. Check out the others making it through the alphabet over here at A to Z.

Today will be short as there is only so much one can say about creating a habit in editing or writing. It's helpful because you then get things done on a regular basis instead of random bits and pieces. Once used to doing something, having created the habit, it also seems easier each time expected to sit down and get stuff done. The last edit didn't feel so bad once I got into the rhythm because the small term habit was then created. This new edit, the type I hadn't done before, that is hard once again because I don't have that steady form to work on it on a regular basis, yet.

How to form  a habit?

Schedule -This is kind of a make it happen approach, also known as the fake it until you make it. Pick a specific time and specific days in order to work on the edit. Make it a priority and write it down. Then keep to your schedule. After a while, it should be a habit.

Just Do It- Even when you don't want to, just work on the edit. While you may not be happy at first, you will feel better later and may find you get even more done then you expected. Plus, if you keep just doing it then soon it will become something you do without having to put as much effort.


Do you have a habit of editing? How do you make writing or editing a habit?


Naila Moon said...

I need to adopt that habit!

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