Saturday, April 18, 2015

P is for Progress

That thing we strive for with edits: progress. Also there is blog progress as me and all of the others still going along with the A to Z Challenge have made it to the letter P. Getting closer to the end and some tough letters are yet to come.

On N day, just a few days ago, I made my topic as No Excuses because yesterday I was going to do some editing no matter what. Did I accomplish that plan and finally make some progress?

Yes, I did.

I'm still not very far but I worked on the edits in the first section (aka first five chapters) focusing on making sure I have some use of the senses, looking at description and tying up a slightly questionable loose end. The trouble with final edits, for this one, is that there are the very small errors to fix just geared towards making it the best I can before submission, but there are a still bigger term issues that involve writing more. And since my typing is stall with this weird little keyboard I have to use, it them means also checking over every sentence for random extra spaces. So, it has elements of previous edits, new elements and yet marks an important line in the terms of progress.

It feels good to make progress but it also brings up a couple other things that need done in order to reach my goal of submission. I need to rewrite and edit my q... Oh yeah, that is monday's topic. See you then. ;-)

How is your progress? Did you edit?


Anonymous said...

Progress. Perfect choice for today's letter.
I enjoyed your post.
Keep making progress!
Trisha Faye