Friday, June 26, 2009

The Art of Science - Book Review

Book Review for Barnes & Noble:
The Art of Science is a good book to read that fits well within its age range. Adults can enjoy the book as well because they can connect to the main characters through their personal past experiences. The book follows Janie Hunter, a seventh grade student trying to find her place in school while dealing with the dramas of friends and family. Janies experiences show that there isn't always an easy solution. The best part of this book is the characters that are introduced. Each character stands out in its own way and gives the reader another connection. It's a good read and a great gift for anyone.
Now for my entire opinion on the book.
This was a different read for me. It's one of the first books where I have known the author, even though I've never met Ransom in person. She runs a writing meeting that I take part in. I sent her clothing and bibs for her baby. Winning the book from her blog tour was super exciting.
The genre is one that I don't read in, anymore. I used to read teen/ya when I was in that range but by the end of high school I was in the genre sections of fantasy and such that is geared towards adults and all ages in general. But my favorite books of all time include several teen books.
During reading, I noticed that I had the more critical reading outlook that I usually have towards her writing because I do most my reading for the critique group. Like most of her writing it was well written with only a couple of minor errors. Which, considering some published books can be marked to death with a red pen due to all their errors, it is a good thing to have so few.
I liked the main character. Even though I sometimes couldn't relate as I was the fat, lonely girl in junior high. For the most part I could really relate to different levels that the main character had to deal with. The side characters added well to the story. Each had a good role that they played well.
Coming soon will be an interview with the author. Looking forward to that.