Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My really, tenderly, quietly opinion on adverbs

When it comes to critique groups, I have been in part of a couple online. When it is my turn to state my notes on the person's chapter section or short story, there is one that I tend to say very often. I always seem to be the one to point out the amount of adverbs people use in their writing.

A few people don't get why I even mention it. I had one in particular answer that he didn't see the problem at all.

I don't mind adverbs. They have their purpose in writing. My point is not to get rid of all adverbs in stories, but to limit them. When a paragraph has 4 or more that might be two many. Two or three in a row in one sentence is overkill. There are better ways to put together the sentence compared to having a bunch of adverbs.

There is a time and place for an adverb in writing. I like to use them, just like I use a little bit of passive voice, -ing words, "he said", and many other of the writing rules.


SM Blooding said...

Okay. I have to admit that I'm one of those over-use of the adverb people. I apologize. It's taken me years and several people just like you telling me that I'm the Adverb Queen and to stop it to finally see what it is that you guys were even talking about.

HOWEVER! I understand that now. Keep telling people. They might not like you now...but they will later. Once they figure it out. *cheesy grin*