Thursday, June 4, 2009


Such an evil part of the writing process. In general, criticism is tough to handle but it is nothing compared to rejection.

I have started trying to write articles for the freelance projects that I am a part of. I submitted two different articles and then when asked to edit them I did. However, after the edit I got an email that both were rejected. One of them I understood, still getting used to the new requirements compared to when I worked at the newspaper. But the other was rejected based on one sentence that I apparently hadn't edited enough. One sentence. 

I'll admit - I was really disappointed when I got those rejections. It is frustrating to do work, spend the time and then have nothing to show for it but the experience.

Rejection is a common factor when submitting writing. It takes lots of no's to get that one yes... But knowing this doesn't make it much easier to take.

Even so, time to work on another article to submit. I will get one through; I will.