Monday, May 17, 2010

Not Writers

This is going to be about some of the people in my life, in reference, who are not writers because the truth is, it can be hard to talk about writing with non-writers. And I don't mean the babbling on about different characters and how the talk to us while the non-writer gets ready the straight jacket. I just mean about general writing. I know a few other people have done posts on this topic as well, so I decided to focus mine and show how different people in my own life approach the topic of writing with me.

She doesn't know a lot about writing and very well knows it. She is super supportive and always listens to what I have to say without judgement or argument. She has one idea for a romance novel, but doesn't think she's good enough to actually write it. So, I have said I'd write it for her but it's hard to fit in among my own 50+ ideas.

Doesn't write but reads a lot. He knows how difficult it is to get into writing and to get a book published. A close friend of his self-published a book, through the "right way" with rewrites, edits and all that jazz. So, he's seen the process even with that and knows it takes a lot to get done. He doesn't mind talking about books and publishing though I don't share novel details too often cause well, it's weird to talk about my gay boy characters with family.

Stepdad's Mom
She doesn't understand how people write, but not in a bad way. She thinks it's great for the people who can do it. She also rants about how she doesn't believe when some random celeb comes out with a book all of a sudden, that they claim to have written but didn't talk about it before it was published. Yeah... she's funny.

He is a little harder. He tries to be helpful and has is own set opinions on the business. So, I have a hard time talking with him because I don't want to argue about things like whether a person should rewrite or not. He thinks you write the book and then send it out, 2 simple steps. When I do mention rewriting, he snaps a little and says I'm being a perfectionist. (I'm on my very first rewrite.... X.x)

So, my point today? Some understand even though they don't write. Others don't understand but aren't afraid to admit it. The hard ones are the ones who think they know what they are talking about with the industry when the truth is they are often mistaken. That is my experience so far.

How about you? What does the non-writer in your life say/think about writing?


Shannon O'Donnell said...

My mom pretends to think it's wonderful and of course I'll do well. My dad thinks if I was going to amount to anything as writer I would have by now, but he humors me. My step-parents are both quietly neutral. :-)

Genie of the Shell said...

I'm careful now to only mention my writing to people who are supportive or at least know what they're talking about. Writing is a delicate process. It's poisonous to try to share the experience with someone who doesn't understand.

Are you involved with any writers' groups? They can be extremely helpful. I have two groups, and they help keep me on track, motivated, and conscious of how to improve my craft.

Dawn Embers said...

Shannon - I guess it's nice in a way that she pretends, though sometimes that can be just as troublesome than just letting out how she really feels. At least no one is completely against it for you.

Genie - That's true. I was a part of a writing group that did critiques once a week but it wasn't a good experience after a certain member joined. After dealing with them for a little bit and life getting in the way, I bowed out of the group. I have my writing friends on twitter, blogger and I often comment in a writing group on but often it's to correct someone who gives incorrect advice.

I should do a post on what has helped me write, because part of it is my pen name. Having this character, alter ego has made a difference.

Thanks for the comments.

Tahereh said...

what a lovely post. it's so wonderful to find support in the most unexpected places :)

thanks for sharing :D

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks Tahereh. And you're right, it's great to find support in unexpected places.


Angelica Weatherby said...

My mom wants me to write her book... *pouts* She has these crazy ideas sometimes. Dad would love to read but I don't let him. Hmm... My stepmom would love to read too... But anyways great topic!

Dawn Embers said...

((fishy!)) Though I guess you aren't called that since we're not on WDC.

That can be a tad annoying but I'm grateful to have the support. I'd rather have that then what Ashy goes through with her mom trying to forbid her from writing.