Friday, May 21, 2010

Pull or Not

I've started to work on the flower beds. But I know nothing about flowers, or what was planted in this bed the past several years. I was living in Utah, not Wyoming then. So, I started pulling the weeds and a few stray flowers that had showed up this spring because I'm going with a color scheme that doesn't include purple or blue this year.

Pull... pulll.... pull...

All while listening to music and sweating cause I had my coat on. Yeah, it's not hot out yet, so wanted to not get cold.

Then I noticed something. The plant with the little purple flowers had a bulb at the bottom. (Not kidding when I say I know nothing.) I dug deeper and found many bulbs. I'm talking over 25 in one small area. And it got me thinking about writing.

When it comes to editing and weeding out (hehehe) the stuff not needed in the novel, do we really pay enough attention? I would hope so but it's something to consider. Do we know how are the root of the item being pulled goes? Is there something we're missing? Can the bulbs be used somewhere else?

I think I'll save some of these bulbs and try planting them just to see what happens.