Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Prolific and Lame

Yep. I'm both Prolific and Lame. Okay, Mia is the one that gave me the Prolific Blogger Award (*hugs Mia* I've been seeing that one but didn't know if I'd be blessed with such). Go check out her blog if you haven't already, there is toast involved and toast is awesomesauce in bread form. Literary Jam and Toast

Prolific Bloggers of Awesomeness that I pass this award on to (think this is how the award works):

Harley at Labotomy of a Writer because with a blog title like that, how could she not be prolific? ;-) That and she's just plain awesome with many great blog posts. Her characters are fun too, and I would know. hehehe

Simon at Constant Revisions  because he's snarky and amuses me. And male writer/bloggers can be quite awesome too. 

Ashy at World of My Own because she is awesomeness in too many ways, and came back to blogger! *hugs* Oh, and she's my twin from WDC. Prolific and all that jazz. 

Tara at Midnight Ink  because she's passionate about fiction and fun to follow on Twitter.

Kristie Cook  gets the award cause she's amusing and lets her novel characters take over her blog, or at least she did once so far. Fun times over at her site.

So, why am I lame. Well, that is something I am saying and people might disagree. Wanna know how much I've written of any novel in May? umm. The YA rewrite got maybe 1,000 words, almost. Sekrit Novel has chapter 1 still being written but from the looks I'm guessing around 3,000 words, though it's hard to hand count.  Yep. March I wrote 67,000 words of a novel. May has 4,000. Big difference.

I am in two classes online right now. At the beginning of the month was the end of Anatomy & Physiology 2 class and lab. Now, I'm in Nutrition and Pathophysiology. But I'm getting used to the homework assignments, what they require and when they are due. What throws me off a bit is most classes have the test each week on day 7, can take before but it's open till then. Not nutrition. I have to take the test on day 5. But I'm getting used to it.  June approaches.

My goal for June = be less lame... I mean, write more of the YA rewrite, Sekrit novel and maybe even Fallen, though if I don't get a real title for the book soon, I might write the fake title in a journal just so I have something to throw! For real.

So, How are you?


Harley D. Palmer said...

Thanks so much for the awesome compliment Dawn! *huggles you*

And you are NOT lame mkay? I've written only like 2,000 words this month so.....

Simon C. Larter said...

Well shucks and blushes and maybe some of that looking at the ground foot-shuffling stuff people do when they're mildly embarrassed. Thanks for the award, good lady!

Dunno if I'm prolific or not, but blog bling is always appreciated. Liqueur-filled chocolate bites for everyone! Yay!


Dawn Embers said...

Harley! - Well, you've had other things going on like joining the Guard. And you have a family. I just am jobless at my parent's house not writing.

Simon - lol. How cute and no problem. You deserve blog awards too. Oh goodie, chocolate and liqueur! mmmm

Mia said...

You're NOT lame for slowing down on the writing!! *hugs* we all do sometimes, 67 000 words in March must have EXHAUSTED you.

*grabs* *hugs tighter* Hope things get better though :D

Dawn Embers said...

*hugs Mia* Thanks. :-)

It was exhausting but also exciting. I finished the first draft the beginning of April with 90,000 words overall, making it my longest draft ever. Now, I have to eventually edit/rewrite that book. But for now the rewrite of the 23k word book I took 2 years to write the first draft.

Kristie Cook said...

Thank you for the award! This is my first. ( many jokes there...) I am soooo flattered and doing that feet-shuffling thing with Simon.

And do not feel lame. I think I wrote 3,000 words last month. I was supposed to write 30,000! Oops. Missed that goal by a little. And I can't even say the two months before that were much more productive - for writing, anyway.

Good luck with the challenge! Sometimes that's all the boost we need.

prashant said...

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