Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Plans and Award

There is so much I want to do with this blog and I'm hoping to get to them in the future. Aside from the general writing topics, I have one more blogfest in the near future that is going to be posted on this blog at this point. 

I do plan to get together author interviews in the future and I'll need help. So, there will be a post asking for questions you want to ask authors in general and specific ones that are on the list right now. Then we'll see if I can contact them and get someone to agree to be interviewed by me for the blog. 

Also, I'm thinking of doing some theme weeks. Like an Undead week and things similar to that. Not sure how it will go just yet but the idea is in the works.

Now for the blog award. 

The rules that apply with accepting this award are:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award

Thank you, Bryan from Time Guardian Saga blog for this wonderful award. I appreciate the award, really I do.

2. Share 7 things about yourself 

1. I am clueless. At least in the career way. I'd love to be a midwife-nurse and write but I'm burnt out so bad from school. One bachelor's of integrated studies down and now getting an associates of health science. Every day I doubt what I'm doing and where I'm going.

2. I paint. Mostly with oils, but acrylics work as well. Have to move faster to blend colors during the process with acrylics cause I'm too lazy to find the right slowing agent but it's more fun that way. I did study art as part of my bachelor's with 3 painting classes. But I don't have room to paint right now and I really miss it.

3. Didn't start writing until college, aside from poetry. I had an idea for a novel back in high school, and then a second idea came up based on writing a one act play for school. I had a short story in junior high that I even found pictures to make a cover for when I turned it in that was about magic fairies but true to form it was the start of a big idea and not a short story. Still got a good grade, but didn't write seriously till second year in college.

4.  Will be turning 26 near the end of August but I'm short, so most don't think I'm that old. About a year ago I was mistaken for a high schooler at a group I'd volunteered with as an adult (21+ to volunteer) for 3 years.

5. I prefer girls when it comes to dating but have a boyfriend. Yet, physical wise I'm more on the side of asexual (not interested). And I dream as a gay male. Most of my novel characters are gay male, with a few bi, two female and one born both male/female. Straight, or "normal" characters as my mom and sister would put it, don't interest me as much for my own writing.

6. Can't wait to start a family. Wish it wasn't taking me this long to get my life in order because all I want to do is write and have a family. I love kids and it's a good thing cause everyone in my family is waiting for me to start having them. lol

7. I wish I could write, rewrite and edit one book at a time, giving it my entire focus to send out before starting on a new project. But I can't. I still doubt which novel is going to be the best to send out first. This is causing the journey to also be longer than first anticipated, and that saddens me a bit. But I'll get over it and back to work soon.

3. Share with 15 people
Seriously? I'll give it to a few people and that's it cause many already have the blog award, and that's way the goodness too many.

Mia's new zombie blog shall have this award! Cause I dictate it.

Livia has a fun blog and is smart.

Kristie is awesomeness and people should read her blog.

Okay. I need to quit this and get to writing. Enjoy and if you want the blog award then go ahead cause I don't want to name 12 more.


Livia said...

Thanks so much for the blog award, Dawn, and for your thoughtful comment on my post yesterday.

Mia said...

OMG thank you!! Hehe :)

I totally get mistaken for a fifteen year old all the time. It is TRES frustrating but I do get free stuff sometimes so I shouldn't really complain ;)

Dawn Embers said...

Livia - No problem. I enjoy your blog.

Mia - hehehe. Welcomes. I don't get free stuff. :-( Just get carded often and such. I'm sure I'll appreciate it some day if it stays this way.