Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Progress Report

There is a blogfest coming up that will be posted on this blog about breaking the rules, so look for that post next. But for today, since I haven't posted in a bit, I thought I'd post a progress report for those interested in the results of being overwhelmed.

Like the image? Me too and it works for something I'll discuss at the end, since I've come to some major realizations in the last 24 hours. Because I like to make goals, and do them year/monthly and sometimes on a week or day basis. The overwhelmingness, that hasn't left, can sometimes get in the way so it helps to check on progress during times of crushing nature (being overwhelmed) to see how things are going. Often, I find I've done more than I expected and that's a good boost of confidence.

So, what have I been up to the past week?

15 for 15 contest - Write 15 minutes for 15 days, each day based on a picture prompt. Success. Tomorrow is the last day and even with the prompt where I wrote a sucky poem, I got stuff turned in. Haven't even had a late entry. Yay me! okay, so I only placed 2 days of the 15 but one was a first place and two is better than none (which is what I expect to win cause with 30+ contestants, it's tough to place). Even more important, I have stuff for a third mutant novel, with Michael as the main character (he's a minor one in Standing Ground, one of the rogue ones that try to break into SS). I have two sections of a male witch story created, and one or two for romance/erotica stories. All in all, a successful 15 days writing.

Homework - Week 5 is almost done. Have a quiz to take today in Pathophysiology. Did turn in one assignment possibly late (It wasn't midnight my time but it's hard to figure out what time they go by) but I'd almost forget it was also due on day 5, the day of the nutrition quiz. But that's the only one. The rest were done earlier in the days they were due. Now, need to work on scoring higher on the tests can my grades for those are passing but barely.

Novel Rewrite - I've done some of it. I only got 5k of 7k for the week mad dash, but I only wrote 3 of the 7 days. So, yeah. But I've written since then and have another chapter almost done. I was on chapter 4 when the dash started and I'm now almost done with chapter 7. All are around double the original length, or more. But I'll post a rewrite blog post later on to discuss it more since I think my rewrite is a bit different than others.

Health - eating is still in need of work, but I exercise on a regular basis. I have lost 7 lbs the last two weeks, which seems a bit much but I gained 16 lbs the month and a half before that. So, I'm making up for lost ground.

Now, to the realization I made last night after midnight as I attempted in failing-ness to sleep. I was thinking about my goals for the year and the dream of getting published, which was stemmed in part by chatting with my writing twin on twitter last night. This will be discussed even further as I'll explain my reasoning in a future blog post, but here's the results.

My goals for 2010 were this:
Rewrite YA novel and edit
Have a different novel first draft finished
Start submitting a novel by 2011 to agents

Not many goals right? And I am making obvious progress. I made one goal the first week of April as I finished writing the first draft of Standing Ground. Easy to do when you write 67k of the book in a single month. The rewrite is going well. Of a 20 chapter first draft, I'm finishing chapter 7. The word count is at almost 14k, while the first draft total was at 23k. So, it's going well and I should get the rewrite done by my birthday (end of august) for sure. But the other goal is where my confession lies.

It's not going to happen. It's not realistic. (see step one of image)
I'm coming to terms with the fact that I won't be ready for sending out to agents by 2011, and that I don't know when I'll be ready. It kind of sucks, but with the way I write, the first steps are going to take longer than most. The hope is, when I do get to that stage I'll have so much done, the next books will be coming along already and it will go one after the other. But until that time comes, I've got to keep my goals realistic and write.

Just need to write. And take my pathophysiology quiz.


Clara said...

I so get you!
I always make my list of "To dos" for the new year. Usually it´s really big and contains several things, from getting my swiss driving license to submitting to agents before year end.

I find that, if I get at least over 50% of the things in my list done, I´m on a profit here. So, yes, I might not be able to start submitting as soon as I wished BUT I´ve done so many other stuff.

And, if I couldnt meet all my goals for this year, well, there´s always another, hopefully! So here´s to you finishing at least 2 things on your list: Which you are already doing =D

bryan sabol said...

Hey Dawn,

Stop by my blog as I have a blogging award for you!

Dawn Embers said...

Clara - thanks for the comment. That's why I do my monthly goals, if I don't make it one month then I take what I was working on and make it part of the next months goals. I'm still making progress and that's what counts.

Awww... Thanks Bryan! How sweet. I'll have to post the blog award after the Breaking the Rules blogfest.