Saturday, June 26, 2010

Progress and Goals

I know it's not quite the end of the month but it's close enough. One thing to do when making goals is to check progress. For month goals it helps to check half way, so on the 15th, but I also have a blog like item on and posted the data there. June has involved writing but not all goals were achieved.

My goals for June were:

25k on YA mutant novel rewrite
2-3 chapters of urban fantasy / paranormal romance
Take part in 15 for 15 contest on WDC. Write for 15 minutes every day for 15 days based on prompts.

Results for June:

15 for 15 contest - Success! Yep. I entered all 15 days, without a single late entry or missed day. Only placed 2 of the 15 but that's okay. I got some good scenes written and now plan to write Michael's book (mutant) for NaNoWriMo.

2-3 chapters of angel//demon - 1 chapter done, but it was a chapter I struggled on and the end word count is a little over 3,800 words. That may be short for some but when I started writing books the chapters were rarely above 1,000.

YA novel - No where near 25k. I got less than 10k for the month. But I did finished a few chapter rewrites. Have 7 chapters done and at least 13 more to go. Might make some of them into more than one since the word counts will easily increase and the later chapters were longer anyways. And the novel now has over 14,000 words.

Some progress, which is good even though it's not quite what I set out to accomplish. Happy to have gotten some writing done and now it's time to make goals for July.

July Goals:

15k on YA mutant rewrite
10k on novel first drafts

Think that's good enough. It's not quite as high as last month but close. And I can choose which novel first draft I can work upon for the second goal. AAE and Angel//Demon are at the top of my list, just below the ya novel rewrite.

What are your goals for July?