Wednesday, March 30, 2011

End of MarNo and Results

We have reached the end. Yay! Another writing month reaches the last hours and once again, I'm not hurriedly typing to try to make every word count but that's partly because I'm not doing word counts and partly because I'm no where near my goal.

How did I do? I did okay. Didn't make my goal of writing a full first draft in one month, didn't even write half this time, but I don't mind the result. I still did write despite having issues of pain, infection and facial swelling. Any writing is better than no writing, right?

The novel has a new work in progress title. As the suggestions set with me for a month, one remained in the back of my mind. I have Susan Kane to thank for suggesting a catching WIP title. The kinda sorta dystopian, maybe a little horror, umm I might need to work on genre-fying this novel... that might not be a real thing. Anyways, the novel is now going to be called Lighting the Wall.

While I didn't write the entire novel in one month, I did managed to get 6 chapters finished. It's better than nothing and I'm still enjoying this novel. I'm going to get it done this year at least. Yay for writing.

How did MarNo go for you?
Make it to your goal?
Ready for new goals?


L'Aussie said...

Good for you Dawn. Any writing goal is good. I'm busily editing my NaNo's.

Notice how eerily the blogosphere is this week? Everyone is closeted in writing scheduled posts for A - Z. What are we doing? Are we a bunch of nutters or what? I am using my travel blog so I hope you visit occasionally. I'll have it linked to my writing blog as everyone will go there for sure.


Editor Mouse said...

Although I did not complete an outline for my novel, I did make significant progress in the past three days. College took me for a loop this month; however, I believe with this small work on plotting that I've discovered how to do, I will easily finish the draft in time for my time to open up for actual writing.

Dawn Embers said...

Denise - Actually, I've seen lots of posts still. Though I can't imagine how crazy April is going to be. I'll be checking yours out since it'll be comforting to see a blog from someone I know out of the 700+ taking part in the challenge.

Editor Mouse - Like your username. Sounds like you made some good progress. Yay for that. Good luck with the rest of the plotting and I hope you get to the writing soon.