Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the end of MarNo draws near

Hello all. I haven't posted a March Novel challenge update since the end of week 1. The month is almost over and for some it will bring forth a new challenge. April has its own special event known as script frenzy. I've tried it a couple of years and while script may look easier, writing 100 pages isn't easy and I've yet to make it. But this year I'm not taking part because I have too many unfinished novels that need my attentions and dedication.

After 20+ days of march writing how close am I to reaching my my goal? Well, I am working on chapter 6. So, not close to the finished first draft, as planned. Not really close at all, but I'm okay with that. I had some issues come up and that happens sometimes.

Am I giving up after the month? Nah. I have a new goal already. And I'm still writing.

The way I see it: even if I only get 15,000 words done (rough estimate since I'm not doing actual word counts but around 6 chapters) then that is more than I had at the beginning of the month. It still counts as progress. My new goal will be to get both YA novels (the second draft and this new novel first draft) finished by June 1st. That gives me two months. Along with a side project that has to be sent out during that time frame but still. I'll manage.

How is your writing coming?
Accomplish any of your goals yet?


Loralie Hall said...

I'm about in the same boat as you. I let a personal problem distract me from getting far in my MarNo book because it was too similar to the story i was writing.

But last night I had a significant character break-through and plot even if I don't get done, as long as I get the rough details down I'll be happy.

Good luck ^_^

Magan said...

Oh a Marno book! I should have done that...but I can't even find my shoes so that might have not gone over so well for me... Good luck to you and I hope your writing is going awesome!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

My writing is sluggishly SLOOOOW. But I've estimated a goal to be done by end of June. Hoping that is. I feel it might not be. I want to edit at least 1/2 a chapter a day, but it takes me about an hour to do one paragraph. ONE HOUR! Ugh... But I want to get it done!

Here's to wishing you and me the best!

♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥