Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Memory

I considered doing a post on middle grade but I'm going to do an entire week on that after this challenge so I can really focus and discuss different elements of the age group in more than one post. Plus, I have someone who might do a guest post for that week. So, I'm going with my initial M idea: memories.

I am going to start with the question instead of ending with it:

What do you remember? (more than one is okay, over 20 might be too much)

While my memory is terrible when it comes to recent events and random moments, if I try, I can remember quite a lot.

I remember playing shuffle board in the basement at my great grandparent's ranch.

... playing power rangers in the field next to the high school during recess since it was by the elementary school.

... having a friend tell the whole class we were going to get married, move to Colorado and he was going to sell vacuums.

... staying over with the girl who would soon be my stepsister and waking up to a garden snake in one of my shoes (not her putting it in I promise).

... Mom, my sister and me, sitting on my frilly bed with the canopy when she told us grandpa passed away.

... bowling in a tournament where people were yelling and cheering, for the other team, and yet we won.

... standing in the bowling alley as a kid while dad bowled in an adult league, the air was gray from smoke.

... eating Sunday lunch at great grandma's house while the sun warmed up dessert (peaches that we would drizzle cream over).

... trying to drive the big suburban on our way back from the mountains but the seat didn't move forward enough so I had to use a pillow since I'm short.

... walking around the house while reading.

These are just some of many things I remember.

What do you remember?
What do you think your characters might remember?


Bz said...

Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge! Hope to see you around!

Nicole said...

That's quite a bit you have remembered there and they are nice memories! Good for you :)

My memory isn't always that great.

Let's see,

I remember going to Robin Thicke's concert. It was nice and going to Fela! on Broadway. I had some of the most delicious wine ever but my dining experience wasn't so fun during lunch. The restaurant staff was not very attentive. The food was not very good and they provided poor customer service.

The Broadway show made up for it though :)

The Madlab Post

Gail M Baugniet said...

Oh, what a fun idea. I love all your rememberances!
I will address what my protagonist, Pepper Bibeau, would remember:
**splashing in the ocean at Waikiki while carriages clattered along the road when she was 3 years old (in 1944)
**moving to Wisconsin at age 4 after her Dad died in an Air Force plane crash.
**redecorating her bedroom on the Wisconsin farm when she turned 12.
**crying when it was time to decide if she should have her out-of-wedlock son live with her mother's family on the Big Island.

Dawn Embers said...

Bz - nice to meet you too.

Nicole - Thanks. I had so many others I wanted to add about three days ago but I forgot again. Broadway shows are good memories. I remember going to Les Miserables in New York and performing a concert where people in NY paid to see us. Fun times.

Gail - Glad you like it and thanks for posting those memories. Fun to have a character. I should do a comment from one of my characters too. Maybe after work.

nutschell said...

So many memories! i'm a bit of a memory hoarder so I can't share all of them here (else i'll run out of space). have a memorable weekend!

Dawn Embers said...

nutschell - Hoard all you want. No worries. ;-)