Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Thomas

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Now for T.

This might seem like a strange one for a writing blog and there were a few other words I considered like "title," "talking" and "talent" but this one I thought would be fun. I usually blog from character's point of view at The Character Cafe. But over on that blog, I have mutants, an angel and a demon who post, but none of the normal humans. So, I'm giving the reins over to Thomas. He is from a romance/erotica novel that does not have a title yet (shocking I know). He is also the favorite of a certain friend of mine and maybe we'll see why here.

Dawn: Okay, Thomas. The blog post is yours. Have fun.

Thomas: I will do my best. *spends a few minutes reading over posts on the Character Cafe* Okay. Well, I probably won't be as exciting as the mutants or even the demon guy. Though he seems rather nice for a demon. The stuff Dawn comes up with... and who ever has zombies over there, hmm. They might be more fun too.

I'm not sure what I should be telling you all, but I have to give this a try anyways. I don't have a very exciting life either since I'm just an accountant. It's boring and I spend way too much time working but it pays all my bills and then some.

Probably not what I'm supposed to be discussing. The romance that is the plot of my story should be more focus but I don't know what all I want to admit to the public like this. Before the "story" I was with my now ex for over 8 years, in an open relationship, but I was waiting for the commitment that I thought would happen. At the beginning it made sense, being able to... "play" with others sometimes but I figured we would both grow out of that after a couple of years. I did but he did not. Wasted too much time just waiting for him and it's hard to move on again, afraid that I'll make that mistake again, or that my next bf will be wasting time with me. Breaking up with him was hard and it took meeting someone else for me to even see how much I needed to do it.

Kyle, he was unexpected. That first night at the bar, where I met him and mistook that fact for meaning he was older than what turned out to be the truth, the flirting surprised me and I didn't expect it to develop the way it has. He is young, not underage cause I'm not a creep and that would be gross, but he is younger than I would have thought to consider. It's not his youth I am attracted to with him either. There is something about him, something I can't quite place and for reasons I can't figure out, he really like me and only me. It's almost too much and I'm having to change everything I thought I knew about relationships. I don't know for sure where this is heading, our relationship, but it has made me think more than any one I've had in the past.

I have probably bored a few of you, people out there. If you made it this far, thank you for listening to my rambles. I think I'll go bother Dawn some more about the story. She has all the fun bits worked out but she needs to do the serious parts too. I need to get this figured out and need her help. That is part of the deal, this whole author/character thing.


Branli said...

Hi Thomas!!!
Thank you do much for the post!
Big fan!

Dawn Embers said...

Dawn: *giggles* Oh Branny boy. You are so cute with your excitement. And yes, you just made Thomas blush a bit though he would never admit it.

Thomas: And you needed to say it because? Well, guess I can just say: Hello Branli. I like your name. *smiles*

L'Aussie said...

Hi Thomas with a T! Hi Dawn! This was an interesting post and am looking forward to seeing what more you come up with.

Dawn don't know if you've been to my travel T, but T is for Troyes in France. You'll love it.


Dawn Embers said...

Denise - Thanks for commenting. I always have fun doing character posts even if people don't often comment on them. I did see the France post. Nicely done.