Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Timing

Quite a good topic for a late post, or so I thought. I had planned to write this post earlier today but ended up called in early to work, so here is my T post on Timing.

In stories, timing can be very important.

Romance, for example, timing can be key. That includes many aspects of the story. When the character meets their love interest, even when the reader expects that to happen within the first two chapters, it is still based on timing.

Timing can also involve when something is brought up that will later be used to save the day in different stories. Just using a random power, tool or person out of the blue that ends up helping the protagonist survive/win/etc can be jarring. There have to be some timed points earlier in the story when they are mentioned before the big moment comes upon the characters.

This also relates to ourselves as writers. Sometimes we need to worry about our own timing, and to make sure we are ready but also realistic. Knowing the time it takes to do something like write and submit a novel can help or hurt a writer. I see some new people on a site all the time saying they will have their book out in the next year and while a couple people can achieve that, it can lead to disappointment.

How are you at timing?