Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Unicorn

Growing up, I loved unicorns. They were horses but with the single horn and magic, something special and unique. I even have some of the beanie baby unicorns from when I was a kid. At one point I even had a statue thing of a unicorn head that was in my bedroom, though I don't have it anymore.

(image link)

While I loved unicorns, I can only think of one story I've read that even included unicorns. It's interesting because there are some things I love that I never read enough of and yet others talk about them all the time. Another example is elves. I hear people talk about how they are tired of certain types of elves in fantasy and I love fantasy but haven't read very many novels with elves and personally I would like to read more.

In another weird topic not really related to unicorns, I often read things that I don't write and write things that I don't read. I read a lot of stories with strong female main characters, but I rarely write female main characters.

And I have no ideas that involve unicorns.

Do you like unicorns?
Have any books you recommend?