Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hi there. Just thought I'd mention a couple of things and let everyone know what's going on. There are many blog followers and a blogfest idea that I'm finally going to announce. Yay me.

First, about my writing. Going well, even though I still don't know which book is gonna be the better one to go with first. For more on that check out my other blog over at and see the inspiration posts that are going to be up every monday. I've written a few thousand words already for July, so I'm off to a good start.


Yep. You all get to be bolded in this entry cause I have almost 100 followers. I may have 100 when I get this post done but it's hard to predict at this point and I'll take a couple hours to write this before it gets posted. But probably not. Hard to believe that many people follow this blog. I feel honored, even if most don't comment, and by most I mean 90+. lol It's really okay. Given that my 50 follower giveaway didn't have much response, I've decided to wait on the next giveaway. Instead of basing it off how many people are following the blog, I'm going to host a giveaway when I have more people posting comments on a consistent basis. So, instead of having a giveaway I'm gonna go the route of a blogfest.

Blogfest Time!!!

I've been meaning to announce this for awhile, but I've been planning to do this blogfest for the last few weeks. This blogfest is inspired by a book on writing that I have glanced at a few times. I haven't read it all but it's an aspect of writing that I need to work on, for sure. The book is Word Paint: A Guide to Writing More Descriptively by Rebecca McClanahan. According to the book:

"Like painters, writers are the receptors of sensations from the real world and the world of the imagination, and effective description demands we sharpen our instruments of perception."

"Description is an attempt to present as directly as possible the qualities of a person, place, object or event. When we describe, we make impressions, attempting through language to represent reality. Description is, in effect, word painting."

So, why am I talking about this book on description? It's the point of the blogfest and the reason for the name. (If anyone wants to do an image thing that can link to the blogfest, I'd really appreciate it. I suck at doing that kind of stuff on the computer. Yes, I have a major including art but I still can't do that kind of stuff. I paint. :-P) As the date approaches I'll post some entries about writing description, using the senses and post links to other awesome bloggers viewpoints on the same topic. Then, on the date given below, I'll post my entry and comment on everyone's entries in the blogfest.

The Blogfest = Word Paint Blogfest on August 27th

What will happen is this: Those that enter this blogfest will post on the given date a smallish scene that is very descriptive. Go to town with the description. Overdo it if you want. Just try to avoid cliches and if you post an entry that has 1,000 words or so the chances of me reading the whole thing is slim. But more on that in the rules. Basically, write a scene using "word paint" to make the scene visible to the reader.

1. sign up in the linky option down below. Sign up on or before August 27th, though it's easier if you sign up before the last few hours of the blogfest day, just saying...
2. post your word painted entry on August 27th(a day before is okay too). It's nice to post if you sign up cause it feels like a trick to get people to visit your blog. Yeah, I said it! *points to "it's" cause it has "it" in umm it... lol.
3. Word count should be less than 500 though a little over isn't so bad. The problem with long entries has to do in part with the formatting of the blogs. With three columns it's even worse than two but both have the smallish width that makes the entry seem even longer.
4. Link back to the blogfest (aka My Blog) so your viewers can read the other entries if they want.


Clarissa Draper said...

I need help writing description so this will be nice to do.


Francine said...


I'm in, not so much about the aspect of getting people to my blog (though would be amused if it ever reached the heady heights of 100 followers), it's more about the fun of joining in and meeting new writers. ;)

So, very best of luck with your blogfest!

Andrew Rosenberg said...

Added to my blogfest list
Sounds like fun!

Dawn Embers said...

Clarissa - Same here, so glad to have you signed up for it.

F- Thanks. I mentioned the aspect of getting people to view the blog more for the fact that some people forget to post after having signed up so people go to their blog anyways but don't find an entry to read. lol

Andrew - aww. Thank. :-D

WritersBlockNZ said...

I think I am now officially a blogfest addict :-) Nice idea. No idea what I'm going to write yet, but sounds fun!

Theresa Milstein said...

Congratulations on reaching 100 followers!

A description Blogfest. That might be fun. Okay, I'll sign up!

Dawn Embers said...

WritersBlockNZ - They are fun, aren't they? I love the blogfests though need to be careful not to give too much of the novels away on the blogs. Good thing you have plenty of time to think of something to post for this one.

Theresa - Thank you. :-D

Ju Dimello said...

Count me infor the blogfest Dawn ! Francine has effectively roped me into it and I was more than willing to jump in !

Congrats on the 100 followers.. count me in as the next follower :)

I have a long way yet to go for achieving that many followers, but if you do have time..drop in to :

Raquel Byrnes said...

You're on my blogfest sidebar...sounds like a lot of fun. Creative idea!

Dawn Embers said...

Ju Dimello - Woot. Welcome to the blogfest and thanks. I'm happy with every follower I gain, and I do mean every single one. lol

Raquel - *grins* Why, thank you. I appreciate the adding to your sidebar and the compliment.

Francine said...


Re tech savvie!

How to display blogfest image!

Go to New Post

Then Go to Design

Go to right hand column click Add a Gadget

When it comes up select image

next just follow instructions:

Title: Upcomng "Word Paint etc

Caption: Whatever!

Link: copy paste url of your word paint post.


amy said...

I love writing descriptions so this is definitely the blogfest for me. Looking forward to it!

Anne Riley said...

Can't wait! Thanks for hosting!

Lovy Boheme said...

Oh boy. I suck at this, but that's why I'm entering! Pulling me out of my comfort zone.

Dawn Embers said...

F - Thanks so much! *hugs*

Amy - Sweet. :-)

Anne Riley - Yay. Glad you're joining.

Lovy - That's okay. I struggle with it too. I have a 90,000 word first draft that is lacking in description even. lol

February Grace said...

I'm in! Will link shortly.


Damyanti said...

Just signed up, and will add this blogfest to my (updated) post on Blogfests!

Daily (w)rite

L'Aussie said...

Francine twisted my arm - ouch! so I'm in..:) Love going over the top with description!

Erin Kane Spock said...

Great blogfest topic.
I totally agree -- it's irritating when people sign up for blogfests and then don't participate. BUT, I actually had a problem with Mr. Linky a couple times and the link it included was not to my blog as a whole, but a specific, old, post -- so it looked like I had not participated. Moral of the story, before jumping to bothered conclusions, click on their blog title and make sure you're seeing the most recent post.

I'm scheduling my entry right now!

RaShelle said...

Hey Dawn, this sounds like fun and something I need to work on. Cool!!!

Babydoll said...

The linky's don't usually work for me, but I'm two for two today! woohoo! Can't wait! Looking forward to it!

drea moore said...

Looks fun! Description is an area I've really been trying to work on lately :P Thanks! :D

Franklin Beaumont said...

Don't think I'll have time to enter this one, but I look forward to reading everyone's entries.

Dawn Embers said...

Looking forward to everyone's entries.

I've seen a few where the link goes to a specific post instead of the blog in general. I'll check for that. However, I've had a friend not post for their own blogfest. So, there are times when people just don't enter. Or the link doesn't work at all, which sucks for all involved.

Brenda Drake said...

Okay, I think I'm getting sort of addictive to blogfest. It's been great fun getting to know other readers and their works. I can't wait!

Donna Hole said...

Curses; I don't have time for this. Shame on you ET Nemesis for luring me into yet another blogfest.

Well, I have this scene I'm hoping will suffice. And in case you're going "OH no; but Donna ALWAYS posts over a thousand words" let me assure you it is less than 300.

I've been reading many of your posts on description and seeing where they fit in my writing. Guess I'll see if this scene works. You be the judge; maybe you can help me enhance the setting.


PS: Sorry for the last minute decision. . .

Postman said...

Muchas gracias to that Rebel with a Blog for recommending me in this direction. I'm in. I'll post a link over at my place. Whew, now I gotta go read everybody else's!

Anonymous said...

Whoops missed this one. I just came over from L'Aussie. Maybe next time. I'm a fantasy writer too.

If you're interested, you can read ch 1 of my YA fantasy novel, 'Lethal Inheritance’ on my blog