Monday, July 19, 2010

Need Questions 4 Interviews


For those that might remember, but that's probably not too many... A few months ago, I posted a blog about how I wanted to interview published authors for this blog occasionally. I had people comment on which authors they would like to see. Again, I am asking for my wonderful followers to comment, but this time I need help on questions.  I haven't even asked authors if I could interview them yet, except have one children's book author scheduled for August, because I don't know what to ask anyone. There are so many questions, and often times the questions are overdone and as an interviewer you don't want to bore the person or annoy by asking the most obvious questions over and over and over... and over.


In a comment, post quesitons you would ask authors and I will appreciate you long time. *giggles*

I need this:

General writing questions.
General editing questions.
General publishing questions.
Genre Specific questions - YA, Children's, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, UF, etc...

The specific book questions either I'll figure out myself as I try to read a book by the author before doing an interview when I can (which will be less common once I get going since I'm so slow and have so many offered I've never read before). Or, I'll post on Twitter under "DawnEmbers" for people to suggest questions for me to ask specific authors at the time.

Anyone who offers questions, I pre-emptively must say: Thank You.


Rose Cooper said...

Here are some in general questions I thought of off the top of my head :)

What do you wish you knew BEFORE you started writing?

When you see your book in the store for the first time, what's your reaction?

Where do you write? ie, does it have to be in the same place every time like an office, coffee shop, etc or can you write comfortably anywhere?

What has been your biggest writing challenge and how did you conquer it?

What are the types of editing stages that you go through before a book is published?

Do you get any say so in what your book cover will look like? What if you don't like your book cover?

Michael said...

1. Do you start with a story arc, then fill in the gaps? Or do you start with a picture, or a character, or a scene, and see where it takes you?

2. Do you read while writing? Or is that distracting?