Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ideas for the Future

I have a few ideas that I want to implement in the near future for this blog. And instead of doing a random blog post about a topic I picked out from my list involving writing, I've decided to discuss the ideas I have. When they will all get implemented, I don't know. Some require research and contacting various people, which will take time (and courage).

First, the ones that readers may know.

Published Author Interviews, and in relation, Blog Tour Participation.  I have a list of 9 authors recommended by readers of this blog, with at least three as slim chances, but I'm going to eventually email them all. My goal for this is to send out emails to 4 of them at the beginning of August. But I need to come up with more questions since not many were offered in a previous blog post. As for the extra part, the blog tour participation, I need to send out an interview to a children's book author for her blog tour. The post will be up on my blog on August 21st.  I may open my blog up for other future blog tours, but it's hard to tell if anyone would be interest just yet.

New ideas:

Another idea I have but am nervous about following through on is an Industry Highlight topic. I'd pick a publisher, agent, etc to discuss (or will check out ones recommended to me). The information given would include links, along with data found on their web pages. I might even attempt interviews with them as well, asking a few questions but for that I'll need questions to ask. Not sure how I'll do the posts, but I hope to figure something out soon. I have a first publisher in mind already.

Finally, I'm thinking of doing theme weeks. Not every week,  but it would help give the blog some structure without forcing a strict schedule. Themes could be anything... genres and subgenres, the undead, romance storylines, character types, editing, etc.

I have my email contact now available on the side bar, but might add more information or list reasons people can contact me for. We'll see.

On another note: I doubt anyone pays attention but lookie at my "novels" text in the side bar. Angel//Demon novel, thanks to writing this month, has reached over 30k. Tattle Tell second draft, as of now, has over 21,000 words. I am making progress!


Francine said...


Not sure how you envisage blog tour, but I joined in a "blog hop" on Monday it took me to blogs I'd never seen and probably might never have come across: so yes sounds like a good idea!

As for the rest of your suggestions I bet you'll have others enthusing in no time at all.


Tabitha Bird said...

Love it. Sound like great ideas. Blog tours are fun. Authors are usually very appreciative of anyone who will host them and let them talk about their books or writing. I have hosted a few now. good luck. sounds like heaps of fun :)

Dawn Embers said...

F - Actually, a blog tour is a little different than a blog hop. Instead of, like Tessa's hop, having topics that people match in their blogs it's about an author promoting their books. It usually happens when a book is recently published/released. The author will have guest spots, interviews during a week (or number of weeks depending on length and blogs participating) with days set aside for each blog. The one on August 21, for example, will be to promote a new children's book by an author. She has other blogs that will post about the book and her on different days around that time. Also, sometimes the author will host giveaways for those who follow the tour and post comments. Check out Kristie Cook's web page, I follow her blog, as her blog tour is going right now.

Tabitha- Thanks. :-) I've never hosted before but I have taken part as a reader. I won a book from a friend in my old critique group during her blog tour. It was fun.