Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Giveaway Time!

That's right, I have more than 50 followers now. (60 to be exact.) Time to giveaway the two books I had picked out just for this occasion.  I found the banner online, at paintermommy.com, which is kinda perfect in that I'm actually a painter and even have brown hair. Though, I look nothing like that, I can guarantee. Not even close. But it's a fun image that works for this giveaway.

First: Thank you to every one of my followers (even the one who is accidently following me twice). I appreciate having all these followers, and the occasional blog comment makes it even better. Feels validating to have the knowledge that someone is reading what I post.

Now to the fun stuff. The prizes, and yes there are two prizes, to be given away.
1.) Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury
2.) Blank, lined, hard covered book

I tried to find prizes, books, that were related to the topic of writing and that weren't overly feminine. Most the empty books to write in had pinks and purples, so this is the best I could do in the way of non-expensive empty books. It's a tiny bit more girly than boyish but it's really not bad. I like trees personally, so that's another nice aspect. I think the image on the cover is great. lol

*Should mention, I live in the U.S. so, not sure how far I may be able to ship the items.

Giveaway details, aka... How to Win:
1+ entry: comment on this post with email address added
1+ entry: tweet giveaway/blog link and have #dawnembers in the tweet
3+ entry: blog about the giveaway/blog and post a link in the comment to said post

Total chances available = 5
Days to enter = 5 days (ends the end of April 18th, 2010)

Both 5's are to go with the 50 follower concept, hehehe. The winners will be picked using an excel sheet and a dice system which basically picks random numbers based on a set parameter. Only one prize per person, so that two different people will win. 1st number wins Bradburry book and 2nd number from dice system will get the empty book.

Good luck and let the follower celebration begin!


Sarah said...

Congratulations on your 50 followers! Sorry only had a bit of time for Twitter of late but I'm happy to say I am follower 51 or above! lol

Mia said...


Please tell me I'm not the one who's following twice? *checks lists* I don't THINK I am.... *narrows eyes*

Ah well.

Those are some great prizes! I'd join in but I'd feel guilty if I won because the posting would cost a whole HEAP. ( I live in the uk, you see) I will, however, happily retweet and mention this on my blog. :~D Let's see if we can make it 70 followers or some such!

Happy Tuesday!

Doreen McGettigan said...

I am dreaming of 50 followers..congrats!!

Melanie Golden said...

Oooh, enter me! Fun, fun fun. Congrats on 60+ followers!

Haley Jo said...

Congrats on 50 followers. I hope I can be there someday!

Eric W. Trant said...

Funny that you picked Bradbury's Zen book! That's one of the three books I think every author should read!

Strunk, Bradbury, King, in that order.

- Eric

Aik said...

1+ entry: I'd love to enter! Thanks!

1+ entry: tweet giveaway

3+ entry: blog about the giveaway

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Ashelynn D. Sanford said...

Tweeted Giveaway: http://twitter.com/AshelynnS/status/12306403595

Blogged: http://ashelynnsanford.wordpress.com/2010/04/17/pencils-have-erasers-its-true-they-do/

And now commented! :D

Ashley said...

Can I just enter for the blank writing book with the trees on the cover? I think it's gorgeous! :)


Ransom Noble said...

Congratulations on getting past the 50 follower milestone!

Linda Ellen said...

Congrats on getting more than 60 followers! =)

I'd love to win either of the prizes. I aspire to become a writer. It's just perfect! I'm glad I found your blog. =)

I've retweeted your last tweet.

Thanks for hosting this giveaway and hope you'll get more followers on your blog. =)


Simon C. Larter said...

Well, since you mentioned your contest in my comments section... hi.

I'll tweet as well, good lady, so chalk me up for 2 pts. :)

Congratulations on the milestone!

Andrea Allison said...

I always seem to be late to the party. And not in a fashionable way either. Congrats on all the followers! Definitely something to celebrate. I tweeted as per your instructions: http://twitter.com/sthrnwriter/status/12382001416. Again, congrats!


Harley D. Palmer said...

Woohoo! I know I'm late to this, but I am easily distracted! Congrats on your followers! (I'll be tweeting just after this comment)

Harley D. Palmer

Angelica Weatherby said...

Yey! So looking forward to see the winner. Keep on blogging! And... my email is farishnabrown10 [at] Gmail [dot] com. I like chatroom... will not be out of college for summer until May 10th!