Saturday, April 3, 2010

Truth and Update

Yesterday was a good day for me because I had two accomplishments.
1. Blog reached 50 followers
2. Finished novel first draft

For the blog followers, that means there will be a contest soon to win the books I picked up for the event. However, I'm probably not going to run the contest until after the 10th. There will be another blogfest post that day (murder scene), so I'm going to wait till after that. And I'm hoping there will be one more follower because right now, two of the followers are the same person because he was confused when he first tried following. That means at 50 it's really only 49. But no worries. The contest will happen and people will be able to enter to win a book on writing or a empty book to write in.

The novel is a big accomplishment for me. I started the novel in 2009 but only wrote one chapter that was in first person. It wasn't planned for 2010, when I figured which novels I was going to write. Then in february I wrote 15,000 words for a mad dash in one week. When I was trying to decide what novel to use for March Novel Writing Month, I ended up choosing this one because I had been thinking more about it. My goal was 35,000 words for the month, and my overall novel word count goal was 80,000. I wrote around 67,000 words in March. The novel ended with 90,230 words.

Now for the truth part of this post. A couple posts ago, I did a massive post on with blog awards and one required me to tell 6 lies and one truth. Only one person guessed which one was true but it still warrants a confession.

The claims:
1) raised on a ranch in wyoming. 2) hate my real name, thus the pen name.
3) exercise on a regular basis. 4) not one to procrastinate.
5) insists on querying agents first instead of a publisher 6) never wants to get married
7) prefer female main characters when reading.

The guess:
One person guessed that number 2 was the truth.

1) lie - I lived on a ranch when I was a toddler but we didn't live there long and it was an extra house on my great grandparents ranch that wasn't a functioning one as much anymore.
2) lie - I don't hate my real name. My real name is just very common and I also write in a variety of genres that may require having a pen name. So, I use my real full name for non-fiction type work and right now Dawn Embers as my pen name for the regular fantasy/sci-fi type genres.
3) lie - I keep trying but have yet to succeed. Haven't worked out in weeks.
4) lie - Bet that fooled no one. lol
5) true - I want to go for the top at the very beginning and the publishers don't accept unsolicited from authors. So, I'm going to try for an agent first.
6) lie - Of course I want to get married, no matter the gender of the person.
7) lie - When I was younger, I read more female main character books but not as much lately. I don't care really if the main character is male or female or both. ;-)

That is my update. Look forward to the Murder Scene Blogfest and don't forget to check out my other blog.  From now on, most blogfests will be posted there and this blog will be kept for the more serious topics on writing.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing your novel! 67k in a month is really amazing. And also congrats on 50+ followers! :]