Sunday, August 15, 2010

Book Review Options

The poll is done. There were 7 votes with 6 of them going to "yes, have the book reviews on this blog." And the other vote was to start a new blog. Here is the issue: I have too much going on with this specific blog in order to have a review on every novel I read. However, I do think that I could review books on writing and the industry itself and keep to the nature of this blog.

I am considering having the fiction book reviews in two different places. I could move it to the itsinthebookde blog because there isn't as much on there except rants about my writing and blogfest entries. If the blogfests taper off I won't have much to post that people might be interested in reading. So, it can be there or the one I'm leaning towards is to start a new blog. I think it would be fun and I may do a group blog.

Right now I am just talking with someone about a potential book review blog. So, no decisions are made yet.