Sunday, August 29, 2010

Update and Results

The blogfest was a success. I may not have gotten 30 comments on either of my entries, but I did have over 30 people sign up to participate. There were a couple who didn't remember to post, as happens with almost every blogfest. Yet, so many entered that it's easy to consider this a very successful first hosting of a blogfest. I plan to do more in the future.

I'm trying to comment on every entry and hope to get done with that soon.

Fantasy week is going to continue because I wasn't able to post any subgenres last week. Started a new job and it was exhausting. Need to get used to a new routine and then I'll be posting more. I may do some posts ahead of time now since I have so much else ot do and want to get novels done as well.

September 4-10 is the new Romance topic week.

September 10-12 I'll be gone at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer conference. Will post a recap at least if not an entire week of topics from it. Depends on how it goes. I'll set aside a week just in case because I'm not doing any pitch sessions so all my time is available to go to different panel discussions. Yay for learning opportunities!


Summer Ross said...

you sound very busy. I hope it all goes well for you, and I enjoyed your blogfest

Francine said...


The blogfest was great fun! Afterall, that's what it's about having fun reading work one might never read in normal circumstances - broadening one's horizons!

As to comments in relation to entrants - I've never been clocked by all entrants of any given blogfest, yet endeavour to read each and every one listed no matter how many. If I missed anyone on your list, whomever please accept my apology and please let me know: a comment late is better than no comment!

D.L. Hammons High Drama Blogfest was huge in number 50 + (I think last count), and I made it round every entry, (I hope) if not I apologise profusely to anyone I missed. I received around 29 comments - if memory correct. That's life!

I have an idea for a dramatic blogfest, which I think will suit all genre'. I'd like to think loads of people would want to participate but if only a few do it'll be worth it just for the fun of it!

You did well with this one, so yes, why not another?


Dawn Embers said...

Thanks Summer Ross. I didn't even list everything I'm doing. Glad to have the blogfest over cause the homework is piling up.

F - You and your epic comments. I did manage to comment on all the ones I saw the posts for, which is good for me. The rain blogfest I didn't have the time to do comments. I didn't enter the high drama but now that I've got the blogfest novel some drama blogfest would be fun to enter. I'm going to wait a little while but I definitely hope to do another blogfest in the future.