Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Change Happens

Things Change in this Industry

Yep. Things change in the publishing industry and sometimes those changes can happen very fast. There are a number of different changes that can and will occur. People don't always stay in the same job with the same company. Publishers don't always keep their offers the same or publish using the same type of medium. New people join the industry on a regular basis.

This is why it's important to keep up with the industry and double check facts before submitting to anyone. That person may switch companies, they may switch positions, and there is no way of guessing. It's best to pay attention and double check when at the submitting stage.

Examples of Change

New to Industry: Me! hehehe... Okay, sillyness aside, I do mean it. I am a new intern for a small publishing company. No, that doesn't mean sending me anything will help in any way, cause it won't. I only evaluate those assigned to me by the company and nothing more. But it has been an odd change for me. In my own writing I'm getting ready to submit hopefully in 2011. It feels weird that I have to make notes and evaluations on whether someone else's work is publishable. Interns are common in the industry and they may be the first obstacle the must be overcome in the submission process. It's hard to imagine someone new to the industry having such influence but I can promise, it's hard for the new intern too.

Company Makes Change: While some are considering the e-book verses print book debate, there are a few companies making some changes. Dorchester Publishing Inc., is one company that has made a move recently. News article on it Here and if you haven't read about it yet, it's something to check out. There are still plenty of publishers doing print books but this is one type of change that can occur in the publishing industry.

People Change Jobs/Companies: People don't always stay in the same position or even company in the publishing industry. Some move up, such as interns who later become agents and editors. Some move from one company to another and others change from positions like agenting to other types of positions. Then there are mixes of all types of changes mentioned here.  Weronika Janczuk is one great example. She made an exciting post not long ago on her blog about her move to a certain agency. She has been an agent there for a few days and has made a few offers of representation already. Another example is Colleen Lindsay, who has moved from being an agent to a new position with a well-known publishing company. Both are excellent examples and amazing people that are well deserving their new, wonderful positions. I was exceited for them both when I heard their big news.

But these changes do affect us writers and we should be aware of their existence. Weronika is an example of a new possible agent for those that have manuscripts that might fit within what she is looking to represent. Colleen will do amazing work, but will no longer be accepting clients as an agent so those that had her on top of their possible agent list will have to make some adjustments. And while most interns are unknown, and the information of who views the writing isn't usually available, it's good to acknowledge their/our existence.

Change Happens
Don't be Afraid


Francine said...


Yes, and change of eds etc., can effectively upset an otherwise advancing manuscript.

Indeed I had a ms that had gone fom sub ed to editor to senior editor(all absolutely enthralled) -the book as good as on its way with the commissioning editor having notified me it was a GO situation! Then, suddenly the company was taken over (it was on the cards) and a reshuffle of staff began not too mention walkouts!!! The commissioning ed and editorial director both went!

My manuscript (blockbuster romance)then ditched along with many others, and a "new" highly embarrassed commissioning ed (promoted from editor and one who'd loved the book)had to break the bad news! To say I was gutted is an understatement - terrorist thoughts came to mind in the form of bomb for the new chairman! ;)

That aside, good luck with the job!

Clarissa Draper said...

wow, yeah. it's not the best time to write a book. Well, it's a good time but to publish... things are so up in the air. Loved the article.


Dawn Embers said...

F- Yikes. That is definitely the down-side of change. And thanks. I'm still adjusting to the change cause it's odd to be saying opinion on other people's work being publishable or not.

CD - I actually think it's still a good time to be writing a book and publishing. Sure, things may not be exactly how one would expect, there may be more options for e-publishing than print in the future but it's still publishing. And I doubt books will go out completely for a long time still. Too many consumers don't like the idea.